McCarthy Reveals What Trump Told Him When He Had Gold-Star Family in Office: 'He Didn't Want Anyone to Know'


Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy recently revealed a heartwarming story about Donald Trump that reveals a charitable and warm side of the usually blunt ex-president that people don’t often hear about.

Appearing on Donald Trump Jr.’s podcast, McCarthy talked about the time Donald Trump quietly performed a kindness to a Gold-Star family visiting Washington D.C. after Trump’s presidency had ended.

In August of 2021, 11 Marines, one member of the U.S. Army and one Navy Corpsman were killed in a suicide bombing at the airport in Kabul during Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Following the disaster, the family members of one of those fallen were in D.C., the House speaker said.

McCarthy said that the Gold-Star family was in his office at the time and noted that they had checked into Trump’s Washington, D.C., hotel. After their visit, McCarthy said he telephoned the former president to let him know that the family had specifically sought out Trump’s hotel during their trip to D.C.

But, unlike how Biden has treated Gold-Star families, Trump didn’t just blithely take the compliment and move on with his life.

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As McCarthy explained, Trump took action.

“[Trump] gets on the phone with me and this is what he says: ‘I’m going to go call the manager. You tell them I’m picking up their tab.’ He didn’t want anybody to know. He didn’t put it on Truth. He didn’t put out a tweet. He told me privately, and he pays for it. And that’s the thing nobody sees about him,” McCarthy said.

Do you think Biden would have done the same thing as Trump?

The Speaker’s revelation comes at about 53 minutes into the Trump Jr. podcast:

Many Twitter users jumped to social media to praise Trump for his quiet act of kindness.

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Whether you like Donald Trump as a person or not, you can’t deny that his repeated acts of small kindnesses like this are a big deal when few others in his position ever perform such niceties. And Trump does this all the time. Stories like this — always told by others — abound.

Just last week, for instance, he reached out to Rochelle “Silk” Richardson and told her he was paying for the funeral of Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway, a fact that Trump never once made public knowledge.

Indeed, we all didn’t learn about Trump’s generosity until Richardson told everyone about it.

Not only did Trump heavily promote the ceremony for his friend on his Truth Social platform, but during the ceremony, Richardson praised Trump for picking up the cost of the celebration of life ceremony and whatever funeral arrangements Richardson thought would be best for her dear sister.

Trump has been performing these examples of altruism for years. The Daily Mail, for instance, told of one such story back in 2016, before Trump even became president of the United States.

Then there was the former Trump campaign worker who was invited to the 2017 inaugural celebration because the president had read a story about the man’s financial troubles and wanted to help out, CBS News reported at the time. When campaign volunteer Shane Bouvet met the new president at the event, Trump surprised the man with a $10,000 check to help him out. It was a story that Donald Trump never told anyone, and one that only came out because Bouvet told the media about it all.

Even as Democrats repeatedly dehumanize their opponents — especially Trump — stories like these have surrounded Donald Trump for years, going back long before his days on TV and in politics.

Curiously, there are no such stories like these about lifelong politicians such as Joe Biden, Barack Obama or even the multimillionaire Bush family. But it is just an example of how good Donald Trump is, especially given that he does not toot his own horn about his many quiet acts of kindness.

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