McConnell Reveals ’15-20′ GOP Senators Likely Will Not Vote on Any Coronavirus Package

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) offered a glimpse into the level of division between Republican lawmakers as he revealed over a third of Republican senators are not likely to vote on any coronavirus package.

During a radio interview with Kentucky radio station WHAS on Friday, McConnell discussed the HEALS Act and the interparty division they are facing in trying to pass another coronavirus relief package.

When asked about the senators refusing to vote for anything, McConnell explained their concerns as he admitted his Republican colleagues’ concerns have merit.

“I think there are 15-20 of my guys that are not going to vote for anything. And I think their argument’s not irrational,” McConnell said. “It’s that we’ve got a mass of debt now and they don’t think we ought to pass another one of these bills. I don’t agree with that. It’s a statement of the obvious that we will not have everybody on our side.”

The top-ranking Republican lawmaker also noted another concern Republican lawmakers have regarding state and local spending.

“One other issue that I think is noteworthy is you’ve heard a lot of talk about additional assistance for state and local government,” McConnell said, adding, “And we’ve very skeptical about that because according to the Treasury Department, as of June 30 of this year… the state administration and the city approval administration have not sent 94% of the money has been sent down.”

See McConnell’s remarks below:

Listen to “Mitch McConnell on all aspects of the HEALS Act” on Spreaker.

Noting funds in states, McConnell insists Republican lawmakers are not convinced passing another bill would be based on a “real demonstrative need.”

“We want to see some real demonstrative need before doing another slug of money for state and local government,” McConnell said. “We sent ’em $150 billion in the CARES Act a few months ago and they’ve not used 94% of that in our state.”

According to McConnell, there is very little “movement” regarding the negotiations for the next coronavirus stimulus package.

McConnell said, “I can tell you at the moment there’s not much movement.”

Congressional Democrats are set to meet with two of President Donald Trump’s top aides on Saturday in an effort to negotiate a deal to pass a bill that would put more money into the United States economy.


  1. I don’t know about you but I sorta get very concerned when I see a grin like that on the face of the person who’s holding my life in his decisions and nothing’s getting done.

    Listen up you guys, it’s time to quit playing swords in the bathroom and old maid in the coffee room get serious about this.
    Here’s a plan.
    Pay the unemployed what they would’ve been earning and only what they would be earning if the virus hadn’t interrupted their employment. No checks to those just being released from prison and don’t send anything to those still working however supplement the paychecks for those still working but with cuts to their paycheck due to the virus. Don’t sent a thing to dead people or illegal immigrants, regardless. Make priority those small businesses facing serious collapse and not the ten’s of millions sent to big businesses who’ll file BK anyway.
    You guys dropped the ball on this one, as usual, from the start and it the responsibility of each and every person in the federal government to get a grip on this thing and man up, you are responsible for this loss so as a judge would say to a convicted who’s truly innocent, “It’s time to face the consequences of your actions.”

    Pass the tonight and take the rest of the week to figure the rest out. Grow up, there’s people, your constituents, out here facing real problems and not yours Nancy of which ice cream to eat. These people are dying. Leadership bungled this virus thing from the very first day and now millions of people are are extremely sick and thousands have died while millions more are wondering what you’re all doing with our money as they fall one by one deeper into disparity. Did you guys even realize that that $1,200 mainly goes towards a persons late penalties and late fees?

  2. I am confused.

    Why would Moscow Mitch be sooo concerned over only ONE MORE bill not being voted on? Why, Moscow Mitch?

    You have about 400 OTHER bills that you have been sitting on for YEARS that y’all can use to keep busy while the country burns and gets torn apart by a fascistic Dear Leader.

    Instead of getting Congressmen who actually care about this country and its people elected, no, you needed to support corrupt lawmakers who only do what their bribers, I mean their “donors”, tell them to do and YOU can’t keep them all in line now to look after this broken country properly when you need to, can you? You loser.

    We MUST elect better politicians across the whole country.

    And Matt Gaetz is one of the worst tools.

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