McConnell Warns Republicans Against Impeaching Biden: 'Not Good for the Country'


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky has cautioned his Republican colleagues in the House against impeaching President Joe Biden.

During remarks to The New York Times on Tuesday, McConnell said impeaching a president should be “rare.”

“I said two years ago, when we had not one but two impeachments, that once we go down this path it incentivizes the other side to do the same thing,” he said in reference to former President Donald Trump’s impeachments.

McConnell concluded, “Impeachment ought to be rare. This is not good for the country.”

The senator made the comments two weeks after he froze up during a news conference and was ushered away from he cameras.

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Before he was taken to a private area, McConnell was asked, “Are you okay, Mitch?”

Some Republicans, including Reps. Anna Paulina Luna of Florida, Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Lauren Boebert of Colorado, have called for Biden to be impeached over his handling of the crisis at the border.

Do you agree with McConnell?

Luna responded to McConnell’s comments on Twitter, which has now been rebranded as X, Tuesday evening and told her followers the Minority Leader is not working on their behalf.

“Senator McConnell is not and has not been acting in the best interest of the American people for a long time,” Luna wrote.

She concluded, “The House will decide what is best. Senate leaders like McConnell should stop trying to blockade us.”

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Last week, Luna told Fox News host Jesse Watters Biden’s alleged corruption is grounds for impeachment.

“This guy’s publicly corrupt. We’ve seen it,” she said.

Luna said impeaching Biden would not be a response to Trump’s impeachments but would be warranted over his family’s “corruption.”

“This guy is sitting in the White House, selling access to countries that don’t like the United States,” Luna told the Fox News host.

“I am done,” she concluded. “I want this guy to be impeached. I have seen enough.”

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