Family-Friendly McDonald's Ads Lead People to Point out Differences Between Japan and US


Two family-friendly and wholesome McDonald’s advertisements in Japan have led people to point out the differences between advertisements in Japan and the United States.

In one such advertisement, a mother is seen telling her daughter she can have a Big Mac when she is older. Years later, the daughter, who is much older, is seen enjoying her McDonald’s Big Mac with an animated chair and remembering what her mother told her.

One person questioned on X, formerly Twitter, why Japanese advertising was “so much better.”

Another McDonald’s advertisement from Japan featured a father, mother and their daughter sitting down to enjoy their McDonald’s meal.

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“McDonalds Japan has joined the pro-family movement,” Zachary Yost, a freelance writer and researcher wrote in a post.

Another user wrote, “bro, ain’t no way mcdonalds japan makes better ads than a lot of US companies nowadays lmao.”

Have you been to McDonald's in Japan?

“The culture around McDonald’s in Japan is totally different than in the U.S.,” Oliver Jia, a researcher in the city of Kyoto, Japan, wrote. “Way fresher food, friendlier staff, and the restaurants being generally clean means you see kids studying there for hours. I’ll take McDonald’s here over America any day.”

The Japanese McDonald’s advertisements have been compared to McDonald’s advertisements that attempt to promote equal rights causes. A post from McDonald’s in 2020 talks about how “Black trans women” have to stop being killed.

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“McDonald’s ad in Japan,” Jack Posobiec, a senior editor with Human Events, said in one post. In another, he posted the U.S. advertisement, noting that it was an advertisement in America.

Other people responded by expressing disbelief that it was actually an advertisement, while others asked to just have their “McNuggets and food.”

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