McEnany Makes Bold Trump-DeSantis Prediction, Says Face-Off Will Come Down to One Major Factor


Kayleigh McEnany, press secretary under former President Donald Trump, had what some may consider a surprising answer when she was asked Friday what the 2024 presidential race was going to look like.

McEnany appeared Friday on “America 180 with David Brody” to talk about her new book, “Serenity in the Storm,” but of course she wasn’t going to get through the entire segment without being asked some political questions.

“How do you think this 2024 race is going to shape up?” Brody asked about 12 minutes into the 14-minute interview.

“We’ll see,” she said. “I think a lot of it is going to be defined by the debate stage. You know, Gov. [Ron] DeSantis has done a phenomenal job in Florida. He has a litany of achievements to list off.

“I think President Trump will say, ‘I’ve been there as president, I’ve done that, I can do it again,’ I think will be his argument,” she suggested. “We’ll see.”

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McEnany then addressed recent polling that has shown her former boss with a commanding lead over the man many presume to be his most significant challenger, the governor of McEnany’s home state of Florida.

“Polling suggests that President Trump has this wide lead, but I think once Gov. DeSantis declares, you’re going to see that lead … tighten,” McEnany predicted “He hasn’t even declared his candidacy yet.”

The former press secretary then took what appeared to be a thinly disguised jab at former President Trump.

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“I think it’s anyone’s guess [as] to how the primary’s going to go, but what I would say — and perhaps it’s Polyannaish to hope for — but I would love to get back to Reagan’s 11th Commandment, about not attacking a fellow Republican.

“We can do so on policy,” she said. “Let’s have policy debates all day. It makes us better, it makes us stronger. But if we can avoid the 2016 trappings that we saw on the debate stage, where it got — discourse got kind of low down there.

“I think it would be better for the party,” she explained.

“Because Joe Biden, he doesn’t have a primary. Not a meaningful one. So he’s just looking forward to the general election and I really hope our party can move forward on a policy basis and give the American people a choice between two agendas.”


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According to The Hill, DeSantis said Friday that he would be deciding soon “what happens in the future.”

“The Florida governor has not directly or publicly confirmed that he is considering a run, but he has been widely rumored to be a potential candidate,” The Hill reported.”

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