Meghan Markle's Sister Torches Royal Couple's 'Hypocrisy,' Reacts to 'South Park' Episode


Samantha Markle, the half-sister of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, said the recent evisceration of Meghan and Prince Harry’s demands for privacy on the show “South Park” captured the pair’s hypocrisy to a T.

In an episode titled “The Worldwide Privacy Tour,” the couple was mocked to the point where Meghan was “upset and overwhelmed,” according to the New York Post.

Her sister took a much different view of the episode in a Wednesday interview with GB News.

“It’s hysterical,” Markle said, adding, “What I thought was so glaring and so brilliant about it is it’s true.”

“In my opinion, and the opinion of others, they’re putting themselves on the world stage using expensive PR while demanding privacy, while writing books, while being on Oprah that had 50 million viewers,” she said.

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“You know, people who want privacy don’t do that! You live your life quietly in privacy. So it’s such hypocrisy. I think they did a brilliant job.”


Markle said her sister and brother-in-law portray themselves as victims when they are anything but.

Are Meghan and Harry hypocritical?

“You can’t play victim when you’re flying around on private jets, when you’ve got security, when you’re loaded with millions, you’re getting $100 million for this deal, $2 million for that deal. That’s not anything to play victim over,” she said.

“It’s incredible hypocrisy,” she reiterated.

She said Harry and Meghan have no right to complain about the “South Park” episode.

“They take a huge license to defame and disparage other people, but they don’t want anyone even using a distant resemblance or likeness of them or making jokes about them,” she said.

”Excuse me, but I never got the memo that God died and that they become God and they suddenly they have a copyright on all things comedy.”

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Markle said she doubted the couple could win a legal battle claiming their copyright had been violated by the show.

“Good luck with that in court. I don’t think it’ll fly,” she said.

Although in the aftermath of the episode there had been talk that the couple would sue, a representative of the Sussexes told People that the speculation was “frankly nonsense.”

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