Meghan McCain Says America Will Recover From the Pandemic 'But Not With Moronic Biden in Charge'


Meghan McCain blasted President Joe Biden’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, saying the president and his “feckless, moronic, isolated Titanic of an administration gets the blame now.”

In her column published by the Daily Mail titled, “I finally got Covid and it was so horrible it made me doubt if America will ever recover from this pandemic. It WILL but not with moronic Biden in charge,” McCain reflected on her experience with the virus and how Biden has failed to lead America throughout the pandemic.

McCain revealed she and her husband tested positive for the virus.

“I do not want to sound like a baby, or ungrateful because I am well aware of how much worse things could have been, but Covid was much rougher than I anticipated given that we are fully-vaccinated,” McCain wrote.

She added, “What I experienced wasn’t mild, it wasn’t easy, and I am still fearful of the unknown long-term side effects that I may experience.”

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McCain expressed her frustration with the lack of access to home tests.

“We live fifteen minutes away from the White House, in the United States of America. Why is it so hard to get an at-home Covid test?” she wrote.

Her op-ed asked, “For a pandemic that is in its third year, shouldn’t we have more readily available treatment and testing?”

She mentioned how Biden “promised — verbatim — while he was running for President that ‘I will end this. I will shut down the virus, not the country.'”

Will America recover from the pandemic with Biden in charge?

“I didn’t vote for the man (or Trump) but I had higher hopes for a better preparedness for the country and the fight to at least mitigate Covid more than a year into the Biden administration,” McCain explained.

McCain went on to note that “roughly 446,197 Americans have died of Covid-19 since Biden’s inauguration.”

Acknowledging it was “easy for the media to — rightfully — blame Trump for the bungling of the early Covid-19 response,” McCain continued, “But Biden and his feckless, moronic, isolated Titanic of an administration gets the blame now.”

Recognizing it is not “rational” for her to “think President Biden could stop a virus,” McCain added, “However it is rational for me to believe he would help make the treatment, testing, and overall morale of the country better.”

She suggested the nation needs “an intense and immediate shift away from whatever depression this administration is continuing to let the country experience.”

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Concluding her column, McCain wrote, “Maybe this is the best that Biden and his administration thinks America has to offer or deserves, but I assure you there will be others out there who do not feel that way. And they will not let this country continue to be this sick – physically, emotionally, financially.”

Taking a final swipe at the president, she said, “Biden may not believe in morning in America, but I sure as hell still do, just not under his failed leadership.”

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