Megyn Kelly Calls Sexual Assault Allegation Made Against Biden a 'Haunting Case'


Megyn Kelly is weighing in on both the sexual assault allegation made against presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and how lawmakers are reacting to it.

Tara Reade, a former staffer while Biden was a senator, is alleging he sexually assaulted her in 1993.

As noted in an interview with Glenn Beck, Kelly expressed that this is a “haunting case.” Kelly believes the “haunting” nature of the allegation relates to a double standard between the allegation made against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the one made against Biden.

“The number one thing I want to say about the haunting nature of it is it just exposed how false these people who are pretending they’re women’s advocates are,” Kelly said.

She continued, “It upsets me as a woman as somebody who actually has stood for female empowerment for my entire life. I don’t call myself a feminist, but I defy anybody to challenge me on standing up for female empowerment. I’ve done it and I have a career that proves it.”

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Check out her comments below:

Kelly expanded on her idea of this double standard and how it was displayed when those who were “vicious” against Kavanaugh are now holding Biden to a different standard.

“The 180 that they have done now that the allegations are against a Democrat trying to take down Trump is disgusting to me, disgusting,” Kelly said.

Touching on the allegation itself, Kelly explained it if it is true, it is “deeply disturbing information about Joe Biden.”

She went on to ask, “Do you really want that man as president?”

According to Kelly, if it is not true, it becomes an issue of how it is “very easy to put that ring around somebody’s neck, maybe unfairly.”

Kelly sat down for an exclusive interview with Reade where Biden’s accuser also criticized the Democratic party for allegedly applying a different standard to Biden, as IJR previously reported.

Reade shared she is not concerned with whether she is believed or not but rather if survivors will be able to come forward.

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