Michelle Obama Reveals She Is 'Doing Just Fine' After She Said She Was Experiencing 'Low-Grade Depression'


Former First Lady Michelle Obama is reassuring her followers she is okay after revealing she was struggling with “low-grade depression” during her podcast earlier this week.

“I just wanted to check in with you all because a lot of you have been checking in on me after hearing this week’s podcast. First things first—I’m doing just fine. There’s no reason to worry about me,” Obama said.

She explained she was thinking of those risking their lives amid the pandemic including doctors and nurses and other essential workers.

Obama also recognized teachers and students as they are grappling with attending school in the fall.

She acknowledged those who are protesting and demonstrating calling for the end to racism and police brutality.

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“The idea that what this country is going through shouldn’t have any effect on us—that we all should just feel OK all the time—that just doesn’t feel real to me,” Obama said.

She continued, “So I hope you all are allowing yourselves to feel whatever it is you’re feeling. I hope you’re listening to yourselves and taking a moment to reflect on everything that’s coming at us, and what you might be able to do about it.”

Obama expressed her appreciation for those who reached out to check on her and urged others to reach out to their loved ones through a phone call or video chat.

“Don’t be afraid to offer them a shoulder to lean on, or to ask for one yourself. Love you all,” Obama said as she concluded her post.

In a new episode of her podcast released on Wednesday, Obama sat down with award-winning journalist Michele Norris to discuss the relationship between mental health and the pandemic and social unrest, as IJR previously reported.

She explained how she has been coping with the stress including reaching out to her own family and friends as well as those who bring her “joy.”

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