Michelle Obama Sends Encouraging Message to Kamala Harris Ahead of Speech: ‘You’ve Got This’

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is confident Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) will deliver a powerful speech as the vice presidential candidate during the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday.

Harris tweeted a video of Obama’s speech during the convention on Monday.

She called Obama’s remarks a “powerful call to action.”

In return, Obama predicted Harris’ speech will reflect the same strength.

“And I know you’ll do the same tomorrow night, [Kamala Harris]. You’ve got this. So many people will be doing everything we can to get you and [Joe Biden] elected this fall,” Obama tweeted.

She added, “We can’t waste a moment. We’ve got to vote early—and show up in numbers that can’t be ignored.”

Obama echoed her remarks she made during her speech, calling on Americans to vote for presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden “like our lives depend on it,” as IJR previously reported.

In her speech, she acknowledged Biden as a “profoundly decent man, guided by faith” and a “terrific vice president.”

Obama recognized voter suppression as a prevalent issue ahead of the election and called on Americans to make sure they request, fill out, and send back their mail-in ballots as soon as they can.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace called her comments “a heck of a contribution,” as IJR previously reported.

He claimed she “really flayed, sliced and diced Donald Trump.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said her “single message” was Americans cannot “be complacent in any way.”

President Donald Trump fired back at Obama during a speech at a White House event for the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage.

Trump claimed the speech was not made live and it was taped “a long time ago” because the statistic she cited relating to the number of coronavirus deaths was lower than what it is now and called her address “extremely divisive.”

The Democratic National Convention will continue through Thursday.


  1. Hmm. If I had a vagina, would I be listening to Screwtape, carefully considering all his suggestions, wondering aloud whether Trump had actually done more for me as a woman than any other President? It’s hard to say, ‘cuz I got no vagina, but if I did, my guess would be…


  2. 😂Desperate times when Trump-lover Screwtape attempts to criticize someone for not having political experience! Fool, she is not trying to be in the WH.

  3. Another question for Marie Antoinette Sasquatch:

    She’s got WHAT exactly? Certainly not voter-backing, organizational skills, or a winning message. q.v. the very-early failure of her campaign for the nomination.

    Where’s the “surge” of enthusiasm for her nomination?

    Michelle is so qualified after her long political career to offer advice. Except she’s had no political career. In terms of experience she’s on par with Hillary, before her carpet-bagging senate seat, disastrous and corrupt Sec’y of State, etc.

    Just like Hillary, Michelle is only “somebody” because of who she married.

  4. Does that “so many people” include union postal workers?
    How about the vote harvesters?
    The corrupt local politicians? q.v. NJ, IL, etc.
    The dead people?
    The illegals?

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