Michigan Protestors Demand Gov. Whitmer Be Locked Up for Coronavirus Orders


Protestors in Michigan are demanding Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) be locked up because of the state’s stay-at-home orders amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Frustrated Michigan protestors are pushing back against what they call “Operation Gridlock.”

Video footage is circulating on social media showing many residents in cars while others are boldly camped out on the front lawn of the state capitol building on Wednesday.

From drivers honking on horns and blasting patriotic music in their cars to others on foot holding signs and chanting, “Lock her up!” and “We will not comply!” the streets in Lansing, Michigan, have faced numerous roadblocks due to protestors.

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In fact, The Washington Post reports that the governor said bus services have been impacted and even an ambulance was blocked — a claim the protest organizers denied — from passing.

Protestors are arguing that Whitmer’s orders are “excessive” despite the state being considered one of the United States’ hotspots for coronavirus.

During an interview with Fox News, Michigan Conservative Coalition member Meshawn Maddock spoke on behalf of protestors saying they feel “oppressed.” She also argued the extent of what can be defined as “essential” and “non-essential.”

Check out some of the protestors’ statements:

Amid protests, Whitmer is also facing at least two federal lawsuits from Michigan residents challenging her executive orders.

During a press conference on Wednesday, Whitmer has shared her reaction to the protests and demonstrations admitting that she is disappointed.

She also noted that while residents are angry about the stay-at-home order, gathering to protest may actually lead to another reason to extend the order.

“We know that this demonstration is going to come at a cost to people’s health,” Whitmer said. The governor continued:

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“We know that when people gather that way without masks … that’s how COVID-19 spreads. And so the sad irony here is that the protest was that they don’t like being in this stay-at-home order, and they may have just created a need to lengthen it, which is something we’re trying to avoid at all costs.”

As of Thursday afternoon, there are more than 28,000 positive coronavirus cases in Michigan.

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