Mike Pence Sparks Doubt With His Story About an Exchange With Putin


Former Vice President Mike Pence made a claim about an exchange he allegedly had with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but Twitter users are not buying it.

During an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Pence explained, “I’ve stood closer than I am to you and looked Vladimir Putin right in the eye and told him things he didn’t wanna hear.”

Pence added, “If you think he’s going to stop, if he captures Ukraine, in re-establishing the old Soviet sphere, you’ve got another thing coming.”

When asked if he believes Putin would go to Poland, Pence did not appear sure.

However, he suggested other countries would be at risk.

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Watch Pence’s comments below:

As Mediaite noted, it is unclear what exchange Pence was referring to.

It appeared Twitter users were not believing a single word.

Do you believe the story?

Comedian Lisa Curry wrote, “Pence to Putin: ‘How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?'”

Political commentator Brian Normoyle tweeted, “There are many things Mike Pence has never done in his life. Chief among them is look Vladimir Putin in the eye and tell him anything of consequence, let alone things he didn’t want to hear. What a weird lie to tell.”

One user wrote, “Of all the things that never happened, this never happened the most.”

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Another said, “Sure, sure.”

Read more replies below:

During a speech at the Heritage Foundation in October, Pence warned conservatives against expressing their support for Putin.

“As Russia continues its unconscionable war of aggression to Ukraine, I believe that conservatives must make it clear that Putin must stop and Putin will pay,” he said.

Pence added, “There can be no room in the conservative movement for apologists to Putin. There is only room in this movement for champions of freedom.”

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