Mom Refuses Abortion During Cancer Battle – Trusts God to Keep Baby Alive


A mother based in Michigan refused an abortion after being diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer.

In an interview with “Fox & Friends,” Tasha Kann recalled doctors urging her to abort her baby after she was diagnosed with anaplastic astrocytoma grade III, a rare, malignant form of brain cancer, while 20 weeks pregnant with her second child.

Doctors told her she wouldn’t be able to receive treatment for her cancer while pregnant. However, she refused to get an abortion.

“My baby ultimately had nothing to do with the cancer, so killing her wasn’t going to take the cancer away,” she said. 

Kann’s husband, Taylor, supported her in her decision.

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“I knew that when she made that decision, she was determined — and I knew that everything was going to be OK,” he said.

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Kann trusted God despite what doctors told her and gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Gracey in October 2022.

“She was my baby, and I knew that keeping her alive [meant] God would keep me alive,” she said. 

During her pregnancy, she took a holistic approach to fighting the cancer by exercising, taking supplements, and following a keto diet, according to Fox News.

Almost a year after she gave birth, doctors told Kann her cancer had spread and she had less than a year to live. 

Now, her diagnosis has changed to gliomatosis cerebri, a highly aggressive tumor, which affects the central nervous system.

“The oncologist back in Michigan told me they didn’t have anything that could really help me anymore,” she revealed. 

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Kann and her husband are pursuing alternative immunotherapy at an integrative cancer treatment center in Houston, Texas, as she continues to refuse chemotherapy or radiation. 

Despite her condition, Kann said she doesn’t regret keeping her daughter.

“She’s a miracle,” she said.

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