Moment From Actress Drew Barrymore's Show Goes Viral: 'What Am I Looking At'


A moment from actress Drew Barrymore’s talk show is making the rounds on social media, leaving Twitter users confused.

During an episode of the show Tuesday, Barrymore got on the floor before transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney to talk about self confidence.

“Do you want to know ironically who dislikes me the most sometimes? Myself,” Barrymore said.

Mulvaney replied, “Me too!”

They proceeded to hug while kneeling.

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The conversation pivoted to combatting hate as they continued to sit on the floor and hold hands with each other.

Watch the video below:

The responses came pouring in with Twitter users criticizing Barrymore.

Do you think Drew Barrymore is trying to stay relevant?

Reporter Savannah Hernandez tweeted, “Drew Barrymore has been an embarrassment for years. Now she’s kneeling to the man that is making a mockery of the entire female gender. Incredible.”

Podcast host Gina Bontempo added, “A desperate attempt by Drew Barrymore to stay relevant and be the cool mom.”

One tweet asked, “Does Drew Barrymore not realize that she is literally on her hands and knees for a man? The patriarchy wins again…”

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Political commentator Charlie Kirk tweeted, “WATCH: Drew Barrymore kneels for Dylan Mulvaney, a man pretending to be a woman, in one of the most bizarre ‘interviews’ you will ever see.”

Journalist Mairead Elordi asked, “Man what am I looking at?”

See more reactions below:

Mulvaney is known as a TikTok star documenting the journey of transitioning.

Variety asked Mulvaney about potentially leaving TikTok.

“I think I’m ready to shift to whatever that next thing could be. I think it will always be such a fricking miracle in my life. I thought it was a kids app that you dance on. But I do think I’m going to scale back a bit,” Mulvaney said.

Mulvaney recently made an appearance at the 2023 Grammys.

The appearance came after Mulvaney underwent a facial feminization surgery.

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