MTG Says She 'Never Compared' COVID Measures To the Holocaust


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) is declaring that she “never compared” COVID-19 pandemic restrictions to the Holocaust.

Greene tweeted on Tuesday, “I never compared it to the Holocaust, only the discrimination against Jews in early Nazi years. Stop feeding into the left wing media attacks on me.”

The lawmaker added, “Everyone should be concerned about the squads support for terrorists and discrimination against unvaxxed people. Why aren’t they?”

She was responding to Ben Shapiro, who is Jewish, where he replied to her tweet, “It is nothing like the Holocaust, and any comparison thereto is both insulting and insane.

The tweet Shapiro responded to was where Greene wrote, “Vaccinated employees get a vaccination logo just like the Nazi’s forced Jewish people to wear a gold star.”

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She also responded to another tweet:

In another tweet on Tuesday, Greene responded to news of the University of Virginia requiring students to get the COVID-19 vaccine before returning to in-person classes in the fall.

She responded, “It appears Nazi practices have already begun on our youth,” calling it “disgusting.”

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Greene said during an interview on Real America’s Voice, “You know, we can look back at a time in history when people were told to wear a gold star, and they were definitely treated like second-class citizens, so much so that they were put in trains and taken to gas chambers in Nazi Germany.”

She continued, “And this is exactly the type of abuse that Nancy Pelosi is talking about,” talking about the mask mandate in the House.

Her remarks were condemned, including by some Republican lawmakers.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) wrote in a statement on Tuesday, “Marjorie is wrong, and her intentional decision to compare the horrors of the Holocaust with wearing masks is appalling. The Holocaust is the greatest atrocity committed in history. The fact that this needs to be stated today is deeply troubling.”

He continued, “At a time when the Jewish people face increased violence and threats, anti-Semitism is on the rise in the Democrat Party and is completely ignored by Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Americans must stand together to defeat anti-Semitism and any attempt to diminish the history of the Holocaust,” adding, “Let me be clear: the House Republican Conference condemns this language.”

Greene doubled down on her remarks, saying, “I stand by all of my statements. I said nothing wrong and I think any rational Jewish person didn’t like what happened in Nazi Germany and any rational Jewish person doesn’t like what’s happening with overbearing mask mandates.”

This comes as lawmakers are still required to wear a mask in the House if they are fully vaccinated — even following the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s new guidelines that fully vaccinated individuals do not need to wear masks indoors in most circumstances.

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