Muslim Protesters Shut Down School Board Meeting over LGBT Indoctrination: 'Vote Them out!'


Hundreds of Muslim parents in Michigan this week protested the promotion of sexually explicit, LGBT-themed books at their children’s schools during a local board of education meeting.

Niraj Warikoo, a reporter for the Detroit Free Press, chronicled the chaos that erupted on Monday in Dearborn as outraged parents criticized the board for not doing more to remove sexually explicit books from school libraries.

Frustrated parents held signs that read, “Keep your porno books to yourself — in your house, not in our kid hands” and “Homosexuality big sin.”

The crowd was mostly Muslim, as Dearborn is 47 percent Arab-American and most of them are Muslim, according to the Detroit Free Press.

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Other parents held signs with slogans like, “If democracy matters, we’re the majority” and “Keep your dirty books in the closet.”

At one point, the crowd chanted “Vote them out!” in reference to the board of education members.

The protests, including loud booing, according to Fox News, culminated in the board shutting down the meeting, citing fire safety concerns.

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A prominent Michigan faith leader, Hassan Al-Qazwini — imam of the Islamic Institute of America in Dearborn Heights — urged the Muslim community to protest the board of education.

“Some of those books are completely inappropriate for our children to read,” Al-Qazwini told the Detroit Free Press. “Some of those books promote pornography. Some of them promote homosexuality. We don’t need this.”

Wadeea Yassir Alzabah, the protester who held the sign that read “If democracy matters, we’re the majority,” slammed the hypocrisy of liberal activists promoting the explicit LGBT books in schools.

Do sexually explicit books belong in schools?

“They are proponents of democracy, but only if it supports liberal values,” he told the Detroit Free Press. “The moment it goes against liberal values, they are authoritarian and they want to impose their own values on people.”

The media coverage of the protests has framed the outraged parents as anti-homosexual, but some Michiganders said that’s a gross mischaracterization.

“Community has made it clear it is not about LGBTQ issues,” one Twitter user wrote. “It’s about introducing sexual materials to children and not respecting parents.”

The Twitter account “Gays Against Groomers” suggested that the “woke mob” that dominates the establishment media would try to spin mainstream media coverage of the protests.

One commenter said the corporate media will probably try to push the false narrative that “Christian conservatives” are the only group that opposes pornographic books in schools.

“They’ll ignore it and carry on pretending it’s only Christian conservatives who oppose this,” one Twitter user wrote.

“This tactic won’t work forever, though, as the truth will become too loud.”

There has been no mainstream media coverage of the explicit content depicted in some of the LGBT-themed books being pushed in the Dearborn school district.

However, the blog shared some drawings from the book “Gender Queer: A Memoir,” which is one of the books parents protested at Monday’s board of education meeting.

“The local news declined to air the book’s contents because of the sexually graphic content,” according to

“The book depicts sexual interactions between what appears to be a female-to-male trans and a heterosexual or bisexual male. The book contains very explicit drawings that are better suited for an adult bookstore.”

Indeed, one set of drawings depicts two boys engaging in oral sex.

Why is this age-inappropriate material being pushed in public schools? Kids are already barraged with porn and other graphic content on television and across the internet.

Meanwhile, the Dearborn schools board of education is scheduled to resume the meeting at 7 p.m. today.  Stay tuned. The YouTube channel is here.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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