Native American Lawmaker on Washington Redskins’ Decision to Change Name: ‘I’m Glad It’s Happening’

The co-chairwoman of the House Native American Caucus is praising Washington, D.C.’s, NFL team for its decision to change its name and logo. 

Rep. Deb Haaland (D-N.M.) released a statement on Monday after the team announced it would scrap its Redksins name and logo.

“It shouldn’t take a huge social movement or pressure from corporate sponsors to do the right thing, but I’m glad it’s happening,” Haaland said.

She continued, “It’s wrong for a national football team to perpetuate racist attitudes, but for decades the Washington NFL team refused to recognize the role their name plays in projecting racist stereotypes about Native Americans even after multiple protests and requests.”

“With decades of work by organizers and activists, public outcry, a moment reckoning with our country’s racist past, and corporate sponsors willing to put more pressure on the Washington NFL team’s management to do the right thing, we made this change together. A change that should have been made a long time ago.”

The NFL team was facing pressure from Native American rights groups to change its name, which activists said was racist. 

Despite an initial reluctance to change the name, Dan Snyder, the team owner, relented and announced the team would review the name on July 3. 

The decision to change the name came after FedEx, which owns the naming rights to the team’s stadium, said it would remove its signage from the stadium if the team did not change the name.

On Monday, the team said in a statement, “Today, we are announcing we will be retiring the Redskins name and logo upon completion of this review.”

However, it did not say what the new name will be. 

“Now, young Native kids won’t be faced with the racist attitudes and gestures that come from having mascots that perpetuate stereotypes and silence indigenous voices and culture,” Haaland said.

She added, “A whole new generation of fans of Washington NFL football will have a team name and mascot they can be proud of.”

President Donald Trump had previously defended the original name of the team. However, by early Monday afternoon, he had not responded to the name change.

When asked if the president had commented on the name change, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany pointed to Trump’s previous comments and said Trump believes that Native Americans would be “very angry” if the team changed its name. 


  1. It’s great that minorities are being erased from history and pop culture [sarc], but don’t come crying when you aren’t being, “represented” enough in this country.

  2. Apparently, Rep. Haaland, half-native American, is among the 9% who don’t like the name, but, as with most leftists, disregards the majority and tells us what’s good or bad for us. A true member of the current Democrat elite. In the most recent poll, the word most frequently used by native Americans to describe the Redskins logo was “proud”.
    Just wondering how this “silence[d] indigenous voices and culture”. Ms Haaland certainly wasn’t held back from obtaining her JD by the Redskins banner.

  3. But seriously, doesn’t Rep. Haaland have more pressing issues. Like the vast unemployment, addiction issues, health issues, cultural alienation, and KungFlu afflicting her people?

    One supposes this high-visibility gesture covers for all that.

  4. Will the team (really it’s the owners) remove “Washington” from their name?

    After all, in terms of political correctness he’s another dead, white male AND owned slaves. His other accomplishments don’t count.

    Speaking of which, will will D.C. change it’s name to Swamplandia or something more appropriate? Remember as well that New York is named after a dead, white, British duke (elitist patriarchy!!!!) who controlled the British slave trade.

    1. When too will ALL cities tear down their skyscrapers as oppressive phallocentric symbols of the patriarchy?

      But Screwtape, won’t the loss of high-rises and high-density housing/offices lead to more sprawl? That’s not Green. Besides, all that acreage is needed for vastly NOT Green solar/wind power. Oooh. The dilemma of conflicting interests….

  5. Donald – that gave me a good laugh when I needed it. Thank you. Even I might buy a jersey for the mighty Washington Redskin Potatos.

  6. Why not leave the name the same just change the symbol from an Indian to a “Redskin Potato.

  7. How about calling them the Washington Appeasements? Their logo can be the Colon, Kaeperdick on his knees. “It’s wrong for a national football team to perpetuate racist attitudes, but for decades the Washington NFL team refused to recognize the role their name plays in projecting racist stereotypes about Native Americans even after multiple protests and requests.” Exactly how did this, in any way, perpetuate racist attitudes. Another lying Democrat!!!! Wow, she’s a native. So am I. We were both born here.

  8. Well, how about the Indians, Braves, Blackhawks. I have a better idea. If they are going to appease every complainer in the country, lets end football, baseball, basketball, hockey. Get rid of it. Let the offended players go wash dishes or kneel in a back alley. I won’t be watching. I will be writing to all the sponsors to inform them I will be boycotting their products. I suggest everyone that’s tired of the protester BS do the same.

  9. What nonsense! How does a logo of an American Indian on a helmet perpetuate racist attitudes? Democrats see racism everywhere.

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