Conservatives Slam NBC for Accusing Conservative of 'Deceptively Edited' Videos of Fetterman


NBC News is receiving criticism after claiming that a conservative social media user “deceptively edited videos” of John Fetterman, the Democratic nominee for Pennsylvania’s Senate seat.

On Wednesday, NBC News published a report written by Ben Goggin titled, “Doctored videos exaggerate Fetterman speech issues in viral social media posts.”

Goggin claims the “deceptively edited videos” have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on both Twitter and TikTok.

According to Goggin, the videos were shared by critics of Fetterman.

The outlet noted Fetterman suffered a stroke in May.

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“The videos include slight edits, such as cutting out the sound of the audience to make it appear as if he had abruptly stopped speaking (some of the stops occurred when he was pausing during moments of applause and crowd reaction, according to unedited videos seen by NBC News),” Coggin wrote.

He continued, “Other edits cut Fetterman off midsentence, to create the perception that what he was saying was nonsensical.”

Joe Calvello, a spokesperson for Fetterman, told NBC News, “It is pretty sad and frankly desperate that Dr. Oz’s MAGA allies are deceptively editing videos of John speaking in order to mock him while he recovers from a stroke.”

Goggin reported that TikTok removed the videos after NBC News flagged them.

The report explains that “videos of Fetterman’s speech Sunday built on the speculation, gaining the most traction on Twitter when they were posted by Greg Price, a senior digital strategist at X Strategies, a conservative political consulting group.”

According to Twitter messages exchanged with the outlet, Price did not respond to questions about “how the videos were edited or where he got them,” as Goggin reported.

Price took to Twitter to publish a lengthy thread responding to the report.

“So NBC News decided to accuse me of doctoring videos of John Fetterman that I posted. (I didn’t doctor anything). They also reached out to Twitter to try and get them censored,” Price tweeted.

He added, “And the bastards didn’t even include my full comment!”

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Price explained, for one video, he “simply took things [Fetterman] said during a rally and edited them together into a Supercut.”

Additionally, Price called Goggin a “garbage liberal hack” and a “loser.”

Other users took to the platform to react to the report:

The report comes just one day after Fetterman agreed to a televised debate with his Republican opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz, next month.

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