New York City’s Poorest Neighborhoods More Affected by the Coronavirus Outbreak

New statistics from New York City’s Health Department show the coronavirus pandemic is hitting neighborhoods with high poverty levels harder than wealthier ones. 

According to the statistics, neighborhoods with high poverty rates have seen more confirmed coronavirus cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. 

In neighborhoods with a “very high” population of the community living below the poverty level — classified as 30% or higher — the death rate from COVID-19 is 232 per 100,000 people. The hospitalization rate is 714 per 100,000. And the case rate is 2,497 per 100,000.

Neighborhoods with a “low” poverty rate — or less than 10% of the population living below the poverty level — the death rate from COVID-19 is 99 per 100,000. The hospitalization rate is 330 per 100,000. And the case rate is 1,696 per 100,000. 

Addressing the disparity in how hard different neighborhoods are impacted by the virus, New York City’s Health Commissioner, Oxiris Barbot, said, “This virus is not hitting New Yorkers equitably, and that reality is guiding the COVID-19 response.”

While researchers are still learning about the coronavirus, data has also disproportionately affected Americans of color. 

A recent study found that although black Americans make up 13.4% of the population, more than half of the COVID-19 cases were in counties with higher populations of black Americans.

Additionally, about 60% of COVID-19 deaths were from counties with higher populations of black Americans. 

Experts have suggested that both the economic and racial disparities in the coronavirus death rate are due to a lack of health care access, health insurance, and more crowded housing situations.

Other scientists have suggested that “structural racism” has played a role in the racial disparity of COVID-19’s impact on Americans.


  1. Well, someone said there are lies, damn lies, and statistics. The statistics released by New York City indicate that 75% of those who died are 65 or older. 50% are 75 or older. Many were in nursing homes. Medicaid funds 62% of all nursing home residents who have no assets and minimal income. That’s how you can collect Medicaid, you’re poor. So, why should I be surprised that poor senior citizens who are the most vulnerable to the disease are being impacted the most. Maybe if Governor Cuomo had not put active COVID patients into nursing homes we might have seen a lower fatality rate for the poor. Bottomline this has nothing to do with poverty or race per se. It has to do with not properly protecting the most vulnerable in our country and playing politics with a crisis. Instead the governor sent them the moral equivalent of smallpox infected blankets.

  2. Because NYers do NOTHING to help each other, much like other parts of the country, but they are some of the most arrogant, egotistical herd of people ever to grace the face of the Earth, barring 911, of course, when for a few short months out of fear they came together, more so the middle and lower class, so, therefore, I, personally, would like nothing better than to watch the state crumble into the Hudson!!

  3. The coronavirus is very discriminatory and racist. It should be prosecuted and thrown in jail. We should get the democrats to start a never-ending investigation on this. Perhaps we can start a go-fund-me since our tax money is depleted. AOC should head this up.

    1. Like what do YOU care about disadvantaged people, right?

      Asshole. No wonder we are quickly turning into a third-worldvnation with now well over 40% considered to be classified ad “poor”, yes, they are POOR, 15% unemployment, much of the ecomony and it is shrinking, and nearly 100,000 UNnecessary deaths from the MIShandling of a pandemic, and a Dear Leader who shirks responsibility and denies accountability?

      What OTHER tragedy is going to hit us tomorrow?

  4. Although “from counties with higher populations of black Americans” leads people to believe more black Americans were infected or died, it doesn’t necessarily mean that. The article would be more trustworthy if it actually told the pertinent facts instead of trying to imply them.

  5. On the east coast of the US, hurricane season starts in June.

    Just saying.

    Do YOU have contingency plans during a pandemic ready?

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