'Democracy Is Not a Football': Newsom Takes Swipe at Trump During Victory Speech


California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) survived a recall election and took a moment during his victory speech to criticize former President Donald Trump.

He noted Trump recently claimed the election is “probably rigged,” adding, “Democracy is not a football. You don’t throw it around. It’s more like a, I don’t know, an antique vase. You can drop it and smash it in a million different pieces. And that’s what we’re capable of doing if we don’t stand up to meet the moment and push back. I said this many, many times on the campaign trail.”

Newsom added, “You know, we may have defeated Trump, but Trumpism is not dead in this country. The Big Lie. The January 6th insurrection. All the voting suppression efforts that are happening all across this country, what’s happening with the assault on fundamental rights, constitutionally protected rights of women and girls. It’s a remarkable moment in our nation’s history.”

Concluding his remarks, Newsom said he is “humbled, grateful, but resolved in the spirit of my political hero, Robert Kennedy, to make more gentle the life of this world. Thank you all very much, and thank you to 40 million Americans, 40 million Californians, and thank you for rejecting this recall.”

Watch part of Newsom’s victory speech below:

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During an interview with Newsmax last week, Trump argued California is “sending out all ballots…the ballots are mail-out, mail-in ballots.”

He continued, “In fact, I guess you even have a case where you can make your own ballots. When that happens, nobody’s going to win except these Democrats. So, you know, look, the one thing they’re good at is rigging elections. So I predict it’s a rigged election. Let’s see how it turns out.”

President Joe Biden traveled to California to campaign for Newsom, warning residents they “either keep Gavin Newsom as your governor, or you’ll get Donald Trump.”

The Associated Press pointed out Republican talk radio host Larry Elder would have likely replaced Newsom if he failed to survive the recall.

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