Newsweek Reporter's Outrageous Email About What Nikki Haley Wore Shows Everything Wrong With the Media


Nikki Haley, former South Carolina governor and declared GOP candidate for president, took a stick to a Newsweek reporter for showing how petty, mean-spirited, and absurd coverage of Republican women so very often is, and noted that this is why “people don’t trust the media.”

On Sunday, Haley, who was one of the first Republicans to announce her run for the White House for 2024, tweeted out photos of her daughter’s wedding in which she is seen wearing a light-colored dress and standing next to the bride and groom.

The photo, though, quickly became a target of detractors who dissed Haley for wearing a “white” dress and claiming that she was trying to overshadow the bride. While Haley’s dress was certainly a lighter hue, it’s rather obviously not white — thus not running afoul of any unwritten wedding rules.

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With the guffaws about her dress ringing in the ears of these important “journalists,” one intrepid reporter jumped to his keyboard to email Haley and her team for a response to this extremely trenchant issue of dress colors.

Haley soon fielded this query, which is assuredly the question of our times from Newsweek reporter Gerrard Kaonga, who emailed the one-time UN ambassador about these roiling Twitter reactions.

“I wanted to reach out for comment following a slight backlash after Haley shared images from her daughter’s wedding,” this upstanding member of the fourth estate wrote.

“Some have argued Haley should not have worn her dress as it is too close to the bride’s white,” Kaonga added. “Does Nikki Haley have any comment regarding this?”

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With Russians warring in Ukraine, China rattling sabers over Taiwan, rampant economic decay, sky high taxes, social unrest, a growing tend of transgenders murdering people, and rampant violence in major cities, this, apparently, is the foremost issue that Mr. Kaonga is compelled to explore.

Haley was less than thrilled, to be sure. She jumped to Twitter to blast this fool as a perfect example of how the feckless, liberal media establishment treats Republican women.

“This is why people don’t trust the media. Liberal ‘journalists’ spend their time harassing conservatives about outfit choices. Grow up, Newsweek,” Haley tweeted.

“P.S. The dress was gold,” she added.

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Haley’s righteous broadside, though, did not deter this dauntless member of the media. He went ahead and dashed off a weighty article entitled, “Nikki Haley’s Dress at Daughter’s Wedding Sparks Debate,” even without Haley’s comments.

Well, to be sure, this is certainly an important affair facing this great nation’s political landscape, one that is sure to have ringing consequences all across the country and perhaps even the international scene.

Or not.

Regardless, when was the last time the liberal media blasted the dowdy way Michelle Obama dresses, or questioned the strange, seeming furniture upholstery material designs worn by “Doctor” Jill Biden? I don’t recall any of these articles, do you?

But the media will stoop to any means to tear down Christians and Republicans, won’t they? Haley was right. This is media bias and they need to grow up.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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