NJ Governor Reacts to Incident While Dining Out: ‘I Can’t Blame Folks for Being Stressful’

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) is speaking out after a video surfaced of him and his family being confronted while they ate dinner at a restaurant.

His constituents shouted profanities and insults at Murphy and his family.

One of the hecklers called Murphy a d**k while the other told him, “In the meantime you’re having all kinds of other bulls**t going on.”

Murphy’s son told them, “I like your Trump phone case. Guess who Trump likes. He likes my dad.”

One of them fired back, “No, he doesn’t like your father.”

Watch the incident below:

CBS’s Gayle King called the incident “disrespectful” and the constituents harassing him “vulgar.”

She argued families “should be off limits.”

King asked Murphy how his family reacted to it and if he is surprised the issue of masks has become “so heated.”

“The overwhelming amount of stress I get. Some of this has been added to it unnecessarily, particularly around masking. There’s no reason we should be having a political discussion about whether you’re wearing a mask,” Murphy said.

He noted they were dining outdoors during their meal.

“I’m a big guy, I can take it, my wife can take it. I’d prefer folks to be more civil and to leave our kids out of this, but I completely get the stress. The stress levels are exceptionally high. You’ve lost a job, you’ve lost a business, you’ve lost a loved one. I can’t blame folks for being stressful,” Murphy said.

Watch his remarks below:

He urged Americans to “come together and hunker down.”

Murphy stressed this is not “forever and for always” and the nation will get through the difficult months ahead.

King asked Murphy if his family continued eating.

“We kept eating dinner and I’m a Murphy, so I had a drink afterwards as well,” he said.

Murphy added, “It was unfortunate. The language was unacceptable. I wish our kids weren’t sucked into it, but I get the stress.”