Noem Claims Biden Admin Canceled Mt. Rushmore Fireworks Because 'They Don't Want To Celebrate America'


South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) is revealing the reason she believes President Joe Biden’s administration canceled an Independence Day fireworks celebration at Mt. Rushmore.

In a tweet on Wednesday, she wrote, “The Biden Administration cancelled South Dakota’s Mount Rushmore Fireworks Celebration on completely arbitrary grounds. I am disappointed that the court gave cover to this unlawful action with today’s decision. But rest assured, this fight is not over.”

“My legal team will appeal so that we can return the Fireworks Celebration to Mount Rushmore and celebrate our nation’s birthday at America’s Shrine to Democracy for next year and in the future,” she added.

And during an appearance on Fox News on Thursday, Noem said, “This is part of the radical left’s agenda. They don’t want to celebrate America or our freedoms. They’re pushing critical race theory. They’re pushing the 1619 Project. And this is just another one of those battles to erase our true, honest, and patriotic history in this country.”

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In April, Noem filed a lawsuit over the Biden administration’s decision to cancel an Independence Day fireworks celebration at Mt. Rushmore, as IJR reported.

The National Parks Service (NPS) told South Dakota it canceled the celebration due to COVID-19 concerns, tribal objections, and an effort to protect the park.

However, as Fox News reports, the court ruled “that the state did not meet the requirements for a ruling in their favor.”

“It’s all political and punitive, and it’s ridiculous,” Noem claimed.

She added, “The fact that we have a judge that stood beside this political, arbitrary decision that came out of the Biden White House is unfortunate. But we do not quit. We keep fighting and this country is worth it.”

Last year, the state held its first celebration at Mr. Rushmore with fireworks in a decade when former President Donald Trump visited the park on July 3.

In 2010, the NPS stopped firework displays at Mt. Rushmore over environmental concerns.

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