NYT Editorial Board Member Asks if Meta Wants to 'Take Down the Country' by Reinstating Trump


Former President Donald Trump could soon be returning to Facebook and Instagram as he runs for the White House again.

On Wednesday, Facebook’s parent company Meta announced it would restore his accounts on Facebook and Instagram over two years after his suspension was enacted following the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

And the move is not sitting well with liberals.

Mara Gay, a member of The New York Times’ editorial board, appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Thursday and argued the move could have some dire consequences.

“You don’t want to, whether your a company or an institution, you don’t want to hand over the keys to democracy to have someone destroy that democracy,” Gay said.

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She asked, “So do you want to be that institution that really helps take down the country?”

Watch the video below:

Yes, Trump can be a jerk on social media and post or tweet comments that would leave the average person aghast. And he has been dabbling in conspiracy theories on his Truth Social platform.

Do you think Trump being on Facebook would take down the country?

However, the notion Facebook is handing over the “keys” to American democracy by letting Trump post weird memes of his head photoshopped onto a boxer or hawk digital trading cards is ridiculous.

Social media companies did have the right to ban him, even if it was creepy.

But it is not as though his suspensions from the three social media platforms have isolated him and left him without a voice.

Instead, he started Truth Social, where his most ardent followers or journalists tend to screenshot his “truths” and post them on Twitter. He also would blast out long, essay-length email tirades before Truth Social existed.

Rather than defang Trump after Jan. 6, the decision to boot him from social media platforms probably prolonged his shelf life because it further cemented a view a cabal of powerful institutions was persecuting him for daring to challenge them.

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The suspensions created an echo chamber wherein Trump supporters could see his posts without conservatives or liberals interacting to point out lies, conspiracy theories, or just bizarre statements. It may take more effort to see his posts, but now they do not need to worry about annoying pesky users disagreeing with them

And such echo chambers can only further lead our citizenry to believe vastly different ideas or concepts are true — making it harder for us to find unity or a common purpose.

People should be able to see clearly when Trump says parts of the Consitution should be terminated, and then tries to claim he did not. They should be able to see when he attacks or demeans people. They should also be able to see his posts about policy. And if he explicitly calls for his supporters to storm the Capitol, he should face consequences on the platforms.

But the fear-mongering about Trump getting back on major social media platforms is just silly.

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