Obama Takes Shot at Trump, Republicans Over Voting Rights During Tribute to John Lewis

Former President Barack Obama slammed President Donald Trump, and Republicans in office, for his criticism of mail-in voting as he eulogized Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), a civil rights icon on Thursday.

Obama accused Trump of attempting to dissuade Americans from voting.

“Even as we sit here, there are those in power who are doing their darndest to discourage people from voting by closing polling locations and targeting minorities and students with restrictive ID laws and attacking our voting rights with surgical precision,” Obama said.

He added, “Even undermining the postal service in the run-up to an election that’s going to be dependent on mail-in ballots so people don’t get sick.”

Watch his remarks below:

Obama acknowledged this is a time to celebrate Lewis’ life, but suggested he is talking about these issues because Lewis spent his whole life “devoted” to fighting these “attacks” on Democracy and what is best for the nation.

Obama’s comments come just hours after Trump issued a tweet floating the idea of delaying the upcoming presidential election slamming “universal mail-in voting,” as IJR previously reported.

Trump argued if Americans chose to vote that way, the election would be “the most inaccurate” and “fraudulent election in history.”

Trump received harsh criticism from other lawmakers including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.).

Pelosi pointed to a clause in the Constitution as proof the president is not able to delay an election as the election date is determined by Congress, as IJR previously reported.

Schumer took to the Senate floor on Thursday accusing Trump of trying to delay the election to distract from his response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump’s fellow Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) pushed back on his suggestion noting the nation will hold the election on the designated date with no exception.

Earlier this month Obama said mail-in voting “shouldn’t be a partisan issue.”


  1. DoDo Diane…you comment is hilarious! Every covid briefing, every dedication speech and even His 4th of July fiasco in SD was a political rally. Hypocrite much?

  2. OBNOXIOUS…There’s a reason why SO MANY people don’t like trump. He encompasses the worst in humanity! He could have very easily gone and no one would have said a word against him. In fact they would have seen it as a positive thing. But tRump is incapable of actual compassion and thinking of anyone other than himself. His staffers have to downplay their accomplishments for fear of outshining trump because his wrath will come down on them out of pure jealousy. He has been coddled and bailed out his whole life so he doesn’t know how to lose. But he will COME NOVEMBER!

  3. Gee Boob…Don’t think I was born during all those dark times but maybe you were? After the nasty way you bully people, I bet you were one of those sheet wearing KKKers. . It’s amazing how your only defense is the past. Old and tired like you….And yes, I voted for the person and not the party at one time but tRump cured me of that for now. I’m looking forward to the resurrection of a second party as long as it has nothing to do with the Trumpublican party. Now go eat your prunes and go to bed…

  4. Since citizens have been voting in person for well over 200 years, I’m pretty sure there have been multiple flu epidemics underway. If it’s important to someone to have their say in government, I’m sure Americans will show up at the polls. With the amount of mishandling of ballots by the USPS, cheating at the hands of democrats combing through and bribing homeless for their vote or filling out ballots for dead people, then “losing” ballots until enough can be produced to ensure a democrat win, there is plenty of hard evidence that we need in-person voting to have a fair election. And, really, isn’t that what everyone wants?

  5. Shameful speech from a disappointing president. Apparently, there is no platform, including giving a eulogy, to keep Obama from his community organizer roots. He has no class or decorum. John Lewis’ life was not commemorated or honored by his performance.

  6. Morte. I don’t know what an EBT card looks like, or how you get them. I know in some places you can use medical ID cards, EBT cards, or even concealed carry firearms IDs to vote. I don’t think an EBT card is proof of ID at Pennsylvania polls.

    My homeless relative was too proud to apply for welfare or medicaid or public services of any kind. “Not a freeloading parasite,” she said. She would, however, hold her hand out to me and indignantly demand money.

  7. I suppose, Obsidian, that if we styled rules that made it more difficult for you and people like you to vote, that would be an improvement in our democracy? You could look at it as just another challenge that proves your citizenship and patriotism. Or you could look at it as somebody hoping to keep you from voting.

    Incidentally, I’ve never said anything like (as you put in quotes) “Poor kids are just as smart as white kids.” I’m too smart to say that. The statement implies that poor kids are non-white, but most poor people I’ve known were white. If you equated poor kids and rich kids, then you’d still have a false statement, because being poor often has roots in ignorance. If you equated white kids and black kids, then still false, because the greater proportion of poor black kids means a less educated bunch. What you can say that is true is that given any smart white guy, you can find a black guy just as smart; or as decent; or as stupid; or as criminal; or as generally worthless.

  8. If you’re too scared to vote because you’re worried about getting sick, that’s on you. If voting is that important to you, you will make the sacrifice for the greater good. We also need voter ID.

  9. Delbert: Every state issues EBT cards, EBT cards have an embossed photo of the state certified recipient / card bearer. That actually counts as state issued ID and for many (admittedly not all) individuals who are legally voting should satisfy the ID requirement.

  10. Delbert.
    Too early in the morning to dig through your diatribe. There is a difference between absentee and mail-in voting. Over the years I counted absentee ballots and there were none in question. To get an absentee ballot a reason was provided to the BOE so we didn’t know the reason.
    With mail in many did not get the paperwork in by the deadline. Or they received it the day of the election. So they had to do a provisional ballot and the they are authenticated by the BOE. Considering bundles were found stashed away what do you think the problem is? Google it. Most seem to turn up on the east coast.

  11. LOSERLARRY…What’s great is us ‘liberals”, although tRump turned me from an independent to a liberal, is we are the MAJORITY and you Trumpublicans are a small minority and dying breed. Racism, sexism and facism is not trending now. The real Republican Party will come back and you won’t be welcome in it…

    1. You NEVER were an independent. All independent means is you hide the fact that you were a liberal (communist/fascist) jayjay. We will see who is who is left standing after this election. By the way, it is your party that is the party of slavery, racism, anti woman, communism/fascism, kkk, jim crow laws, hate for America and that pillar of death and destruction of the black people, Margaret sanger of the planned parenthood fame. How does it feel to be the party of hate and contempt for human life that you murder over 61 million babies. WOW, what a wonderful human? being you are. You indeed are the loser here along with dickbert, confuction and non-centrist. Do us a favor and go jump off a very high cliff.

  12. Cheryl
    Oops, meant 2020, not 2018.
    I’ll vote in person, not by mail. I don’t present an ID unless I’m asked to. You seem to think that it’s easy to get ID, so why not require it? If ID’s going to be required, it should be easy to get, and it isn’t, if you’re poor. It requires taking time off work so you can get to a driver license agency, and riding buses to get there, if you don’t have a car. When my homeless relative lost her wallet with her driver’s license inside, we couldn’t get a new one, because her Social Security card was lost, too; when we went to Social Security, they wouldn’t issue a replacement card without state-issued photo ID. Can’t get A without B; can’t get B without A. We finally were able to get it straight after four afternoons worth of visits, when a license agent was willing to bend some rules and accept all the proof we could muster. So, yeah, ID is a trap to exclude people who don’t already have it, especially in places like Alabama, where the state enacted voter ID requirements and then shut down the driver license offices in a bunch of counties with high black populations.

    As far as Obama goes, I didn’t like his leadership, especially in foreign policy. But, he was miles ahead of the self-dealing uninformed amateur we’ve got now. There was minimal corruption, and a very good record of economic growth.

    1. “Poor kids are just as smart as white kids.” I think everyone can obtain an ID, if voting is that important to them. To imply that you’re superior because you can get an ID is well, it’s just racist.

    2. Bullshit if it is hard to get a picture ID. All states as far as I know have some form of free picture ID. So you are saying that everyone who is white gets free ID without doing anything but black people must walk or ride the bus and take off from work to travel the so many miles to get their picture ID. You are one RACIST SOB dickbert. You are also a lying communist/fascist piece of shit. By the way, your hero (spelled hemorrhoid) obutticus took our freedom and tried to restrict it and knew NOTHING about running this government. He also sold us out to his friends in the communist (he is one) government by letting as much business and secrets go to china as he could. This president has put the American people first and it is about damn time. Face facts dickbert, you only want power to change us to a communist form of government. What you try to project on us is exactly what you are, a party of pure evil.

  13. Cheryl
    In your years as a poll worker, have you experienced any sign of fraud? Have absentee ballots been a hot spot of fraud? I’ve seen no evidence that absentee voting has been rife with fraud. All I see is Trump saying, “It’s possible! Therefore it’ll happen!” I’m know there are safeguards. Are you sure there’s not enough protection, to keep the vote safe from wide spread, organized fraud?
    My sole experience with absentee balloting (in Pittsburgh) left me worried that my vote would not be counted at all, and I had no way of knowing if it was. I’ve got my doubts that it will work well at all, with tens of thousands more people trying to mail in their ballots in this city in 2018. Especially given that Trump is doing all he can to defund the post office and provide minimal moneys to help run the vote during the pandemic. It’s exactly as if he wants a disaster.

  14. How do ID laws restrict voting? I’d like to hear the explanation for that. Closing polling places? Where? The Obamanation continues to lie, cheat and be corrupt.

  15. Obama, go back to the outhouse that is your library. Stick your head in the hole.

  16. Dildobert must have been asleep for the 8 years of the Obamanation. He’s also ignorant of recent history.

  17. You mean they won’t let you cheat???? Oh, that’s too bad. We know you and your cronies will cheat, cheat, cheat to get Biden in control along with a Dem Senate. No ID, no pre-registration, mail in ballots without identity verification, repeat voting, stuffed ballot boxes, illegals voting, dead voting, no record of voting, all the Democrat dirty tricks to win. Democrats will be slithering out from under their rocks on election day. Be prepared to watch who votes and how many times. Identify illegals.

  18. Delbert: “ Obama screwed up next to nothing, folks. ”

    The only ones who would believe that bullshit are either completely uninformed morons, or the ones rooting for the destruction of this country!

    How was your stay in Portland? How many Police officers did you injure? How much did Soros pay you?

  19. Jim, I had to reread your comment. At first I thought you were describing Obama.

    Amazing how similar Jay Jay’s and Obama’s pasts are.

    Well put!!

  20. Jay jay was John John last week. He was Ed before that. In reality he has hundreds of identity’s.Sadly in reality he is a Turkish peon who was once a towel boy at the San Francisco bath houses before they became outlawed. Lives in moms basement and has pictures of naked men on his wall.

  21. Obama is a phony no class piece of garbage. John Lewis was a racist ghetto thug. Only a scumbag would pay tribute to him or his fellow members of the human waste club.

  22. Cheryl, You know what you’re dealing with Confusion, JayJay and Centrist they all are the perfect example the delusional liberal MORONS. It’s a waste of time to even comment on their posts, as they get their feelings hurt so quickly.

  23. I’m not even surprised that Obozo turned it into a political speech. It will be a great day when that ASSHOLE goes where ever the Muslims go. My choice for him is HELL!

  24. Oh come on CHOO CHOO CHERI…..get real! If trump had any class he would have sent a representative to show his respect to a man who was the Conscience of Congress. But poor whiney trump baby wouldn’t go unless it was a tribute to HIM. That’s the petty person he is! And you challenge me on my standards for supporting Obama when you support a racist, dictator who wants to prolong the election because he knows he will lose unless he cheats. It says a lot about the morally bankrupt person YOU are to support him. The economy is crashing baby courtesy of tRump and that’s the last nail in his coffin…lolol

    1. Yeah right vaJayjay. You radical leftists would have screamed that Trump had no right being there, or sending a representative was shallow because he didn’t feel important to be there himself. You will complain about President Trump no matter what he does. It’s so easy to see how full of crap you are.

  25. Jayjay
    Does it ever cross your feeble little mind that perhaps our President wasn’t invited to take part in the funeral in anyway?
    As for Obama….good grief you have very low standards. This was not an election campaign. But Obama is so impressed with himself he doesn’t need your praise. Obama couldn’t even keep his campaign promises. That’s how great he was.

  26. Centrist
    You become more mentally disturbed with each post. Are you mentally disturbed or just a Democrat? Wishing death on people doesn’t sound stable.

  27. “Obama screwed up next to nothing, folks.” Delbert

    You are confused, Delbert. I disagree and I have previously posted to you a slew of his faults. He was a huge disappointment to a lot of people who trusted him to make important, necessary changes that he led voters to believe that he would implement. There was just change around the edges, not the systemic change that we desperately needed.

    Just because someone owns an arsenal of guns doesn’t mean that he knows how to vote.

  28. Delbert
    I happen to have been a poll worker for over 25. years in PA. It’s not the poll workers who will screw it up it is those whose goal is to commit fraud. It is those who stupidly didn’t think past their conniving noses. The postal system could handle absent ballots but not have thousands of mail in ballots dumped on them. A postal system that has been headed into bankruptcy for years. And you shouldn’t be surprised that many PA democrats changed their party affiliation or did a write in for Trump!

    1. As lenin used to say: “it is not the people who vote but those who count the votes that matters”.

  29. Hey Centrist, where in any comments made by the people you mention was race even mentioned? You are a race baiter and a full of crap one at that.

  30. paul, tony, brad, screwtape, sandra…you’re a bunch racist bigots. The world will be much better off when you’re all six feet underground.

  31. Asshat tRump made it political by not having any WH representation at the memorial. Can’t have it both ways trumpturds…lol. What an eloquent and presidential eulogy from Obama!!
    That’s the way a REAL president speaks. Not some jackleg, carnival showman like Trumpty Dumpty

    1. Trump made something political by not doing anything… LMAO ok.
      Obozo turned a funeral into a political campaign, period. He needs to FO like Bush did when he left office.

    1. Again, biden vs Trump 2 points difference. Where the hell do you get your information, out of a toilet non-centrist the liar.

  32. Obama was eulogizing the legacy of John Lewis. Congressman Lewis spent his life dedicated to civil rights including the right of ALL Americans to vote. The Cheeto von Tweeto is deathly afraid of letting too many people vote.

    1. No you want to stack the deck against everyone who is not a lying, cheating, racist POS like yourself non-centrist.

  33. What a sleazy thing to do. An ex-President should show more respect, electioneering at a funeral is just so classless.

  34. I own a bunch of guns, Screwboy. What the hell is that supposed to mean?

    I’ll go to the polls and vote in person, mainly because I don’t trust Pennsylvania to not screw up vote-by-mail.

    Obama screwed up next to nothing, folks. You’re dumb enough to be fed crap from Fox and Limbaugh and the brainless OAN, and swallow it; how about checking out some of the loopy ideas you repeat?

    1. My adopted dad’s name was Delbert and he was the same kind of guy? as you dickbert. In fact that is what I called him because, like you, he was an asshole. You and your media cnn, abc, cbs, nbc, pmsnbc, espn and others have been proven to be wrong about 95% of the time while Fox, Hannity, Tucker, Laura, Rush have been proven right 95% of the time. It is you who are the liars in chief and spread lies and fake news 24/7 365 to try and change from freedom to captivity under a communist government. We will NEVER listen to you as you are the biggest liars known to man (you and yours are not men but cowards who want control). This is going to come down to a shooting war so I hope you are ready to die for your communist beliefs as we are willing to die for freedom.

  35. They just have to keep….keeping on! And he’s supposed to be the Greatest??? That’s not the eulogy of a GREAT person! That’s a political “HACK”……….and he just loves to try and make everyone believe he is GREAT……a legend in his own mind. “He be cool”! Talk about a Narcissist…..he “TRUMPS” everyone in that category (no pun intended)!

  36. Voting is a right BUT it must be exercised.
    How many of Obozo’s supporters own guns, a Constitutional right?

    The question is not CAN you vote. It’s how badly do you want to use your right.

  37. It’s Paul Wellstone’s Funeral, part II.
    “I have come not to praise the man, but to grandstand a political agenda.”

  38. The Dems can’t even lay a man to rest without slamming Trump. Odumba, the crooked SOB who coordinated the biggest scandal in the history of this country just couldn’t let a good man die without cheapening his funeral with a denial that has always been true. And how can anyone ever trust Dumbocrats again. I sure won’t. So tacky Odumba.

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