Parkland Shooting Survivor Calls on Kevin McCarthy to Hold Marjorie Taylor Greene 'Accountable'


Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg is urging House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) to stand up to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) after a video resurfaced of her confronting Hogg.

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota noted at the time Greene was chasing after Hogg and “heckling” him she was not an elected leader. The video is from March of 2019.

She mentioned Greene has just been assigned “a plum assignment to be on the education, the House education and labor committee.”

Camerota asked Hogg what his message is to McCarthy about whether Greene is “equipped” to hold the position.

“My message to Kevin McCarthy is take all of her committee assignments away, along with that also, don’t support her when she runs for re-election again, and try to get her primaried,” Hogg said.

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He continued, “If you say this is not your party, actually call it out and hold her accountable because Republicans always act as if they’re the party of decency and respect, but would the party of decency and respect question whether or not school shootings happened?”

Watch his comments below:

Hogg argued, “Would they harass the survivors of these shootings for having different opinions than them? I don’t think so and I think if Kevin McCarthy doesn’t think so either, he needs to actually stand up and do something about this congresswoman.”

In the video, Greene is seen following Hogg asking him about gun laws.

She later calls him a “coward” for being unable to “defend his stance.”

Greene told CNN that the video was when she was in Washington, D.C., “going from office to office in the Senate to oppose the radical gun control agenda that David Hogg was pushing.”

Watch the video below:

Kinzinger ‘Certainly’ Would Not Support McCarthy As Speaker

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took to Twitter to weigh in on a report that Greene indicated support for the execution of top Democrats in old social media posts, as IJR reported.

“This woman should be on a watch list. Not in Congress,” Clinton wrote.

Mark Bednar, a spokesperson for McCarthy, told Axios he plans to discuss the past comments with Greene.

“These comments are deeply disturbing and Leader McCarthy plans to have a conversation with the Congresswoman about them,” Bednar said.

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