Pelosi Appoints Six Democrats to Committee Overseeing the Federal Coronavirus Response

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced the names of six Democratic lawmakers she appointed to a new select committee designed to oversee the federal coronavirus response. 

The committee will be chaired by Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.), and its members will include Reps. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.), Nydia Velázquez (D-N.Y.), Bill Foster (D-Ill.), Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) and Andy Kim (D-N.J.). 

“I am proud to appoint these distinguished and accomplished leaders of the Congress and Country to the Select Committee on the Coronavirus,” Pelosi said in a release on Wednesday afternoon. 

She continued, “They bring outstanding mastery of Congressional oversight and decades of experience fighting for working families to our critical mission to ensure that our coronavirus response puts working Families First.”

“We must make sure that the historic investment of taxpayer dollars made in the CARES Act is being used wisely and efficiently to help those in need, not be exploited by profiteers and price-gougers,” she added.

The new House panel is designed to examine the federal government’s response to the coronavirus and “ensure that taxpayer dollars are being wisely and efficiently.”

Clyburn said that the committee will not be examining the initial response to the virus, as IJR has reported. He said, “This committee will be forward-looking.”

“We’re not going to be looking back on what the president may or may not have done, back before this crisis hit. The crisis is with us,” he added. 


  1. It is to be a bipartisan select committee of 12, seven Democrats and five Republicans. The committee was proclaimed by a vote along strict party lines, with one Michigan independent joining the Republicans in voting against it. (This, according to The Hill.) Pelosi, the Democratic leader, does not get to pick the Republican members; that’s left to the minority leadership.

  2. The walking dead appointing the village idiots. Has such a nice and honest ring to it it just had to be said again.

  3. When choosing another witch hunt kangaroo court you wouldn’t expect her to do anything fairly would you? Bipartisan is not in her vocabulary!

  4. “these distinguished and accomplished leaders of the Congress and Country”. BWAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhaah

  5. What a joke what a joke. Here we are people fighting to pay their bills, eat, survive and all she wants to do is waste more money on a ghost hunt. Every person should call their congress members.

  6. I’m so sure 6 Democrats are going to be totally honest in their assessment—NOT! How biased can Nancy Pelosi get?

  7. She just appointed a group of racists to attack Trump. She is evil. Satan’s Girlfriend

  8. The walking dead appoints the village idiots to a committee in charge of spending money. NO doubt they will be arriving in a clown car. First they obstruct, then they waste the money on Democrat special interests (endowment for the arts, endowment for the humanities, carbon emission restrictions, money for solar and wind generation, guaranteed income for illegals, etc.). It will be totally partisan, then covered up with lies to pretend they did a good job in time for November. Our House of Reps is in tatters.

  9. Pelosi’s efforts never seem to be for the right reasons. She is hell bent on trashing Pres. Trump despite all the good he has done. This committee does not represent “all the people”…just those who agree with the left. Sad and I hoe in all fairness to the people, that voters remove some of the left from their comfy seats.

  10. Why do you give Mrs LameBrain news space. Are you an Independent news source or just another liberal rag. Maxine Retard is a valid choice to put in as a neutral observer on anything Trump??? You’ve gots to be kidding.What a waste of ink

    1. Steve, you believe IJR is a liberal rag? IJR puts right wing spin on everything they report

  11. Pelosi says she wants to make sure the money is spent wisely (millions to Center for Performing Arts,) and that the committee is composed of distinguished and accomplished leaders who have decades of experience. Too many decades with experience in taking our money. November can’t come quick enough, if we are to get rid of these distinguished dumbocrats! I’m j ust waiting for the day that Nancy’s teeth fall out into her lap!

  12. “these distinguished and accomplished” and Mad Max on the committee! LMAO
    This is why people hate politicians and especially democrats

  13. The goal here is to provide oversight. Too much money has gone to large corporations and industries that don’t need it. The intent of the CARES act was to help small businesses and those individuals who lost their jobs.

    1. Really? If this was truly about oversight then why only appoint Democrats? Whatever comes out of this committee now will automatically be seen as partisan, whether it is valid or not. No, if this was really about oversight she would have appointed an equal number of Dems and Republicans so that if they find issues there could be a bipartisan condemnation of it. So clearly it is not about oversight, but about politics, and the committee’s real purpose will be to uncover or fabricate as much stuff as they can to criticize the President in an effort to hurt his campaign. That’s the only explanation for not appointing a single Republican, and you’re either too gullible to see the obvious or too intellectually dishonest to call it out for what it is. A centrist would never have made such a comment without also denouncing the obvious partisan makeup of the committee, so I’m leaning toward intellectually dishonest as your motivation.

  14. yeah we know. your “oversight” is why big corporate donors were getting 10 and 20 million each instead of small businesses

  15. retire moron!!! and I say that in the kindest possible

  16. What a joke, the blind leading the blind. Maxine Waters, amazing.
    Same ole crap from the Dumborats.

  17. This lunatic picks six clowns to oversee what? WHAT did they do in the months leading up to this? Hold impeachment hears?

  18. Who is surprised? It is balanced just like the House Impeachment “whine cellar hearings” and “trial”. I hope everyone in those district represented is paying attention and will vote according their true feelings in November, regardless if it is by mail-in or at the polling place.

  19. Is she frigging kidding? What kind of conclusion do you think is going to come out of that committee? They are all sitting under Pelosi’s thumb, and will conclude that what our President has accomplished is all a bunch of lies and made up statistics. I think that is that is an affront to all of us who appreciate what he has done to save as many lives as possible while the Democrats in Congress are sitting on their do-nothing asses on our taxpayers money, collecting their pay and perks, health care and lifetime pensions they haven’t earned. I keep asking for someone to tell me one thing that they have done to help Trump and his team of experts in his night and day efforts to while they have done absolutely – in fact, the exact opposite. He has had to deal with a Congress that is throwing shit at him from every angle, and it is a wonder that he has been able to ignore it and work to save our country. Shame on them, and all their ignorant followers.

    1. You have hit the nail on the head! Absolutely you stated is true. Too bad the idiots are so challenged for a brain as well as extremely self-centered.

  20. “They bring outstanding mastery of Congressional oversight…”. That made me laugh.

    1. I know Thomas when I read that part & then saw the names is was unbelievable. If that alone doesn’t prove that Pelosi is outta touch with reality and she has no kind of leadership to even oversee a elementary school bathroom monitor. This is insane & comical. I know other countries that are watching us are laughing their ass off at the stupidity on display. Do the people who vote for her have a IQ high enough to even read a newspaper?

  21. Clyburn, Waters, Velasquez, Maloney??? Really bottom of the barrel race hustlers.

    1. Trash begets Trash begets Trash, the old Democrat Shim-Sham-Shuffle. Is anyone really surprised.

  22. Well, with each passing day we are witness to the tragic transformation of Poor Old Nancy. It is not yet clear whether the ultra-left has somehow co-opted her through threats and intimidation, or whether she has simply lost her way.

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