Pelosi Makes Claim About What Would Happen To Trump if He Were To Run in 2024


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) believes that former President Donald Trump would make history if he runs for president again in 2024.

During an event at Cambridge University on Thursday, Pelosi was asked about Trump.

She responded, “I don’t ever talk about him. I mean, I reference him from time to time, with what’s his name. But I don’t think that we have a situation that is on the level there.”

“And if he wants to run again, he’ll be the first president who was impeached twice and defeated twice,” she added, drawing applause from the audience.

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Trump has not said whether he will run again.

However, during an interview with Fox News, he said, “I don’t think we’re going to have a choice. It is disgraceful.” 

“It is getting to a point where we really have no choice,” he added.

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While Trump has not said yet whether he plans to run, his allies believe he will.

However, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) told a group of Republicans in Iowa earlier this month, “I think he’s gonna run.”

“I want him to run. He’s proven he can take the heat. We’re at a moment now where you’ve got to have someone who’s willing to fight, willing to stand up to all the abuses,” he added.

Former Trump White House press secretary Sean Spicer told The Washington Examiner that he believes the former president will run again in 2024.

Meanwhile, former Trump adviser Jason Miller was asked during an interview on Cheddar, “What is the likelihood President Trump runs again in 2024?”

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“I would say somewhere between 99 and 100 percent. I think he is definitely running in 2024,” Miller responded. “I had a good conversation with him last night. I’m going to go see him in another couple days here.”

He added, “He has not said the magical words to me, but if you talk to him for a few minutes it’s pretty clear that he’s running.”

Trump was the first president to be impeached twice. However, he was acquitted in the Senate both times.

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