Pence Says It Is 'All Hands on Deck' in Handling the Coronavirus Outbreak


A majority of resources seem to be going toward creating solutions to address the coronavirus outbreak, and that is something Vice President Mike Pence is getting behind.

Pence appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” to discuss measures being taken in response to the crisis as well as recommendations for Americans.

Sean Hannity asked Pence why it is important for Americans to follow the guidelines set by President Donald Trump.

The vice president proceeded to call on Americans to unite in acting now to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus.

“We need every American, every American business to step forward and recognize that if we act now — if we act now, we can limit the spread of the coronavirus significantly and ultimately save lives,” Pence said.

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Watch the interview below:

Pence went on to discuss the measures being taken to provide more testing to Americans and how the administration is speeding up the process.

He explained that the top labs and the Food and Drug Administration are coming together to solve this issue.

“Now we have what are called high throughput tests, automated tests that can literally test thousands of people a day for the coronavirus,” Pence said.

The conversation pivoted to what the administration is planning to do to provide enough equipment in order for medical personnel to take on more patients.

Pence continued to explain how Trump is directing industrial suppliers to focus on the needs of the health care industry rather than other industries.

“The President’s made it clear, this is all hands on deck. We’re going to continue to work with businesses,” Pence said, adding, “We’re going to continue to work closely with governors.”

The exchange came to a close as Pence touched on the state of the economy and what that will look like after the coronavirus.

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“We’re working with Congress to ensure that paid leave is available for hard-working Americans, but making sure that this economy gets back on its feet,” Pence commented.

Trump is pressing to enact a stimulus package of $1 trillion to help reduce the economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak, as IJR previously reported.

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