People Notice a Problem as Beto O'Rourke Jogs Along and Invites Supporters to a 'Morning Run'


Democrats and media outlets alike have long applauded Beto O’Rourke for his brazen “authenticity.”

Beto prides himself on shooting from the hip and seeming less like a polished political operative and more like a man of the people.

Well, that charade took a bit of a hit on Saturday when the Texas politician filmed a video of himself inviting his supporters to join him for a morning run on Sunday.

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Twitter users were quick to notice an odd detail with O’Rourke’s video — he wasn’t exactly dressed to be running, despite doing so in the video.

This led many to question whether or not the video was authentic at all.

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Whether or not this “run” was a stunt or not, one fact about Beto remains true.

Beto isn’t actually authentic. Rather, every move he makes is a calculated decision to make him seem more authentic.

A 2019 article from The Bulwark, a center-right political news outlet, explained this quite elegantly.

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Pointing out how O’Rourke failed to take any concrete policy positions, relied on stream-of-consciousness speech making and was accused of co-opting Barack Obama’s message, writer Christian Schneider summed up O’Rourke’s game: “[N]ot having an act is O’Rourke’s act.”

Indeed, O’Rourke’s supposed “authenticity” is actually painfully inauthentic.

Beto proved as much with his stunt on Saturday.

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