Politico Columnist Has So Little Faith in Biden That He's Afraid Joe Will Just Die 'One Evening'


Joe Biden’s dumpster-fire presidency is such a steaming pile of crumbling rubble that even many liberals want to cast him aside in 2024 amid fears that he’ll continue to deteriorate physically and mentally — or just suddenly die.

In a withering column Wednesday headlined “Why Democrats Should Primary Biden,” Politico media writer Jack Schafer said the doddering 80-year-old is simply not up for a second term, as illustrated by his numerous gaffes and blunders that cast doubt on his job readiness.

Moreover, Biden’s bumbling vice president, Kamala Harris, is not an optimal alternative to head the Democratic ticket.

“Besides putting him in fighting trim (or not), primary adversaries would prepare us for the all too real possibility that he’s incapacitated by a stroke, seriously injured in one of his frequent falls or another bike crash, or just dies one evening,” Schafer observed bluntly.

“It’s not impolite or unkind to plan for the sudden departure of any employee.”

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Indeed, the Democratic ticket is so weak on both the top and the bottom, the entire slate should be replaced, Schafer said.

“If Kamala Harris had convinced the country that she could step into Biden’s shoes should he suddenly step out of them, the argument for a primary challenge wouldn’t be so urgent,” he wrote.

“But when was the last time somebody you trust told you Harris could easily fill those shoes, let alone sprint to the nomination if the hereafter called Biden home before November 2024?”

According to Schafer, there’s no downside to launching a primary challenger, because doing so will either strengthen Biden’s candidacy or prove that he shouldn’t be the Democratic nominee.

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He noted that the president does have Democratic challengers in Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whose support has been in double digits in some primary polls, and spiritual guru Marianne Williamson.

However, Schafer said they “aren’t the right ring partners to prepare him for what will be his last electoral contest.”

“With a tepid approval rating that puts him near to Donald Trump at his worst, Biden needs a primary opponent who can prepare him for the 2024 general election, somebody who can make him prove that he can still run the traps and beat whichever Republican he faces,” he wrote.

“If Biden can’t vanquish a worthy Democrat in primary season, he has no business entering the general.”

The Politico writer then threw down the gauntlet, urging Democrats to have the “guts” to run a serious primary challenger.

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Schafer conceded that former President Donald Trump — the current GOP front-runner — appears to be more battle-ready for the election season than Biden is.

“Say what you will about Trump, who just turned 77, but he seems as competent (read that however you wish) as he was in 2016,” the columnist observed.

“The GOP is largely lining up behind Trump, but at least a growing number of ambitious Republicans are forcing him to run a real primary campaign instead of bowing to him,” Schafer wrote.

Many liberals on Twitter were aghast at his comments.

Under normal circumstances, the notion of challenging an incumbent commander-in-chief would be unheard of.

But these are not normal times.

In less than three years, crushing inflation, relentless border invasions, skyrocketing crime and escalating geopolitical tensions have become the hallmark of Biden’s disastrous presidency.

He did not earn a second term — nor is he entitled to it.

Or, as Schafer cogently observed: “Nobody is owed another term just because they’re completing their first. You should have to fight for the right to lead your party. And your country.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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