Poll Shows Majority Republicans Do Not Think Biden Won — Psaki Delivers Two-Word Response

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki delivered a two-word response when asked how the White House factors in the many Republicans who do not believe President Joe Biden won the 2020 election.

“We don’t,” Psaki told The Washington Post‘s Olivier Knox.

The question stemmed from a new CNN/SSRS poll that asked respondents, “Thinking about the results of the 2020 presidential election, do you think that Joe Biden legitimately won enough votes to win the presidency, or not?”

According to the poll, 30% of Americans do not believe Biden legitimately won the election, including 70% of Republicans. Twenty-three percent of Republicans believe Biden legitimately won enough votes to win the presidency.

Fifty percent of Republicans claim there is “solid evidence” to show Biden did not legitimately win the election. The poll was conducted from April 21-26 and published on Friday.

Psaki issued an additional response on Twitter on Monday.

“More from my full comment: [Joe Biden] is president for all Americans no matter who they voted for. And so our focus is on continuing to plug away on pushing for policies that will help everyone and through that work we can rebuild trust in government. That government can work,” Psaki wrote.

She added, “Our view is the election was certified and confirmed by election officials from both parties in every state. Court challenges were fully heard.”

Former President Donald Trump also seems to still be pushing his unsubstantiated election claims.

He said in a statement on Monday, “The Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020 will be, from this day forth, known as THE BIG LIE!”

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) fired back, saying, “The 2020 presidential election was not stolen. Anyone who claims it was is spreading THE BIG LIE, turning their back on the rule of law, and poisoning our democratic system.”


  1. A little clarification on what Raggedy Jen meant: ‘We don’t’ means ‘We don’t think’ as referring to the entire Democrat party.
    So let’s talk about that ‘Russia Russia Russia’ conspiracy with provably baseless accusations and lies about ironclad proof of guilt. Hmmmmm. Oopsie, Dems-bad on you. How about the over 90% negative slant news coverage of Trump for 5 years? Still going on. All polls, all sources. Is that another figment of our imaginations?
    So many more atrocious lies and plots against Trump, but YOU still want US to think we so crazy!!!
    Here’s the word: wait and see. I have never seen the leftists more DESPERATE to kill a recount. Why? Because they know there’s way too much smoke.
    Look up Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, IT genius hired to audit Dominion voting machines in AZ. Good interview on Gateway Pundit last week. I’ve been aware of Jovan for a couple of months now. He’s the real deal. He was offered $10 mill to refuse the AZ audit. Dominions print a paper copy of every ballot passed through them. These are the most accurate data about the actual ballots cast. Some machines were hooked up directly to the internet, others transmitting voting data to China and Russia, and still others tampered with to add/remove votes. So much more. MASSIVE FRAUD. Jovan’s done in AZ, hence the recount. Now he’s in Georgia, doing the same job there.
    The SCOTUS did a grave disservice to America by throwing all those election suits out. If you’re convinced the election was fair, it can’t hurt to sit back and wait for results we should have been able to access 6 months ago. Just be very afraid.

  2. So Rep. Cheney, you think someone who didn’t campaign but only came out of their basement once in a while, MSM didn’t tell the truth, and Big Tech blocked pertinent information ran a legitimate campaign and deserved to win. You are sad

  3. “More from my full comment: [Joe Biden] is president for all Americans no matter who they voted for. ” But, what was the response to whether they consider the people that don’t think Mad King Biden the Usurper and Divider won? “We don’t”! How can he be President for all Americans when the administration doesn’t care how they feel? Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

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  5. The White House is the executive branch of government, not a mental health clinic. If 70% of Republicans wish to claim to believe the Trump conspiracy theory Biden didn’t win the 2020 election, then they need professional mental health treatment.

    Many of the 70% are the mentally/emotionally challenged that did not believe Obama’s BC was authentic, that ISIS could not be defeated unless we chanted the mantra “radical Islamic terrorism,” that universal background checks takes away your guns, and the Mueller investigation was ordered by Nancy Pelosi and Democrats. NO ONE can help individuals that do not recognize that their issue is a constant need to escape reality. WE NEED to help friends and loved one afflicted with reality detachment syndrome recognize the problem exists and then get them the level of professional help needed.

    1. After seeing your harsh treatment of conservative Americans nfir years now Phyllis, I believe you need mental health treatment. I’m sure of it.
      Question: What happened to all voices need to be heard?
      Answer: The liberals, through nefarious means, took the Whitehouse.
      Meaning: Liberals, like yourself, are mean-spirited, petty and un-hinged.

      1. Sorry, Lee, but you’ve got to explain to us, precisely and in detail, how the Democrats stole the election in republican run states.
        How did they do it?
        Are the republicans stupid or lazy?
        Why did they only steal the presidency?
        Why didn’t they get themselves more seats in the House and Senate while they were, ALLEGEDLY, cheating Donnie?

    2. Well, Syphilis, how does it feel to use the same exact method to discredit anyone that disagrees with you, just like the Communists did. Stalin, Mao both used that method to first discredit them and then tuck them away in mental institutions and prison work camps. All the BS you just spewed is what the Democrat State Media uses to discredit people.

      Your accusations are a distortion of what Conservatives actually say.

      1. ISIS was funded and 90% of their weapons WERE supplied by the Obamanation, through many secondary entities/arms traffickers. That’s been reported by several major outlets. And, they WERE “radical Islamic terrorism”.

      2. No one said background checks were going to take guns away. Gun bans and Red Flag laws will result in possible confiscation as they have in NYC and Deerfield, IL. Constantly lying about it is what Democrats do.

      3. While the Mueller investigation was officially ordered by Rod Rosenstein, it was called on over and over by Democrats, such as Pelosi, Schumer and others, stemming from fake news stories in the Democrat State Media. Democrats like Shifty Schiff repeatedly said they saw the evidence. From PolitiFact: “Republicans have been having a field day rubbing the Democrats’ noses in the outcome of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. As the summary from Attorney General William Barr quoted Mueller’s report, “the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.” Did you read that, Syphilis? That’s a quote from the Mueller Report. So much for your lying accusations to the contrary.

      Why didn’t the media question the Russian connection by the Hillarrhoid in buying a fake dossier on Trump, compiled by Steele (a former SAS agent) and two former Russian agents? That was the same fake dossier that the Obamanation’s FBI used to obtain two illegal wire tap warrants to spy on the Trump Campaign. Where was that report?

      Democrats distortion of the facts and constant attack on Conservatives will continue to divide the nation. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

        1. Chuck, if you are interested Amazon has a book called “The Rules for Radicals Defeated” its a good read and you can see exactly what the Dems are doing. Make sure you get the copy with the word Defeated in the title otherwise you will only get the Rules.

    3. The White House is not a mental health clinic? I beg to differ. The current occupant is in the late stages of dementia and his perceived successor is not much more than a prostitute although I think prostitutes have higher morals.

    4. You can’t in all seriousness actually believe that Biden won 80 million votes. More votes than Obama got. The most votes in history. He rarely got out of his basement to campaign. His rallies had almost no people.

      1. They believe what the blue lights on the television tell them. They are members of a cult. They do not think for themselves. If you believe that Joe Biden, of all people, received the largest number of votes ever cast for a Presidential candidate in the history of the nation you either do not possess or do not use your critical thinking skills. If you think that all of the anomalies that we saw on election eve were perfectly normal, you lack common sense. If you think that the election results were properly adjudicated in the courts, you are delusional. Now, even the census has shown that more than 5 million votes were cast than there were actual voters, eerily similar to Biden’s supposed margin of victory. We’ll finally uncover the fraud and abuse in Arizona and then other states will follow suit, and Biden will be recognized as the fraud that he is.

  6. Just a matter of time until the truth slaps these communists in the face….it always does. They know they didn’t win.

    1. It has been 6 months since the election, Jim. How much longer are you planning to wait for the evidence? Are you not still waiting for the evidence to support the “3-5 million illegal votes for Hillary” allegations from November, 2016??? Heads up, Jim. THEY KNOW THEY DID WIN. THEY KNOW TRUMP LOST. Case closed.

      1. We just found out from the census that more than 5 million votes were cast in the election than there were voters. How can you be so blind to all of the known anomalies? Is your nose stuck so far up the Democrats bunghole that you aren’t’ even the slightest bit concerned if they cheated to win a Presidential election? Do you actually care more about your party saving face than you do about our Republic? We’ll see what comes out of Arizona and then we’ll see the other states follow suits with their own audits. Eventually the truth will come out. It always does. And when it does I trust that you will eat crow and severely punish your party leaders by demanding jail time. But because I don’t live in fantasy world, I know you will find some way to excuse their abhorrent actions.

    2. Sort of like the Trump fascists who want to make sure only white people vote so they don’t have to count the votes of POC. Perhaps Gaetz can take a break from dating 17 year olds and slap around some commies or MT Greene might be able to get those Jewish space ships to zap the commies.

      1. More POC voted in this election than in any other, and more POC voted Republican in this election than in any other. So why in the hell would Republicans want to not count votes of POC when the POC are finally seeing the Democrat playbook and are leaving in droves.

  7. what makes sense is the fact that biden and co are shoving everything down the American throats as fast as they can.. why, because they want to get done in case someone actually proves they cheated on the election and the Americans revolt from the cheating of the dems….

    1. Ahhh, it has been SIX MONTHS since the election, dixter. HOW MUCH LONGER are you planning to wait for the evidence to support your conspiracies. To be taken seriously, you acquire the evidence THEN proceed with accusations of cheating. The news outlets, Trump lawyers and Trump himself that promoted the allegations are being sued. One defendant has claimed “reasonable people” knew she wasn’t being factual. Newsmax SETTLED AND APOLOGIZED in another defamation lawsuit. If they had EVIDENCE to support the assertions they made, would they not have presented it???

      LOL…Aren’t you still waiting for the evidence of those “3-5 million illegal votes for Hillary”? How did that turn out for you other than looking gullible and foolish?

      1. Such Naiveté. Psaki sycophants dream on in the world of Dem delusions – a world where money grows on trees, where accountability is not a word, where praise is demanded for everyday mundane tasks, where a President can claim to be “working in a bipartisan manner” while being more partisan than every predecessor. Yes, the world is a wonderful place for Democrats. Someday they will realize that the facade is over, when the economy is collapsing around them. But wait!…..that’s probably been the plan all along.

        1. The beauty of being a Democrat is that once they’ve destroyed everything, they’ll just blame it all on Republicans, and 99% of their supporters will believe it. That is what deluded people do. The Democrat party is no longer a political party. It has become an actual cult.

      2. Says the party that claimed “Russian collusion”. How’d that work out, any proof…
        annnnnny proof? Yet you still preached it. Back at ya’ you liberal hack.

      3. Like the 13 phones destroyed by the Hillarrhoid’s staff, the emails that were wiped, the laptop that disappeared, Democrats carefully destroy the evidence. When the evidence was recovered and the Hillarrhoid was guilty of perjury as well as other crimes, Bill Clinton had a secret meeting on a tarmac with the Obamanation’s AG and Comey elected not to press charges. He said she didn’t show intent. Democrat corruption!!

        In the election, the time stamped and signature envelopes were destroyed so no comparison could be made with the ‘dead of night’ Ballots that had only the Presidential election selected. The same ballots that gave the Mad King the Presidency. It all happened in Democrat controlled counties in swing states.

        Kind of like the White Water documents that were carefully removed from Foster’s office after his ‘suicide’. How convenient. Like Susan McDougal ‘s silence for 22 months in prison. She refuse to tell the truth about Clinton’s involvement in her husband’s Embezzlement of millions from his Savings and Loan to invest with Clinton. Clinton ran both the prosecution and defense as governor so he could keep his name out of it. Susan was given a pardon by Clinton and thrown a party at the White House.

        Where are your questions into the Biden’s corruption in the Ukraine (where the Mad King lied about knowing about his son’s job with Burisma) when he used aid funds as leverage to get a investigator fired? Wasn’t that what Democrats accused Trump of? How about the kickback money from Moscow and China, through Hunter and to Mad King Biden? Those investigations will be buried. That’s how Democrats always get away with crimes.