Poll Reveals Where Republican Voters Stand on Trump as the Leader of Their Party


Forty-three percent of Republican voters say it is time for former President Donald Trump to move on, according to a poll.

A poll published on Sunday from NBC News/Hart Research Associates/Public Opinion Strategies asked respondents, “Which of the following statements comes closest to your opinion regarding Donald Trump and the future of
the Republican Party?”

Fifty-five percent of voters agreed with the statement: “The Republican Party should continue to be led by Trump.”

Thirty-three percent chose the statement: “Trump was a good president, but it is time for new leaders.”

According to 10% of voters, “Trump was a bad president and it is time to move on.”

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Additionally, the poll asked respondents, “Do you consider yourself to be more of a supporter of Donald Trump or more of a supporter of the Republican Party?”

Thirty-four percent of Republicans or “lean to Republicans” say they are a supporter of Trump.

Fifty-eight percent are supporters of the Republican Party.

The poll was conducted between May 5 to 7 and 9 to 10 and surveyed 1,000 American adults.

Is it time for Trump to move on?

Earlier this year, the former president hinted at another run for the White House.

“And in 2024, we are going to take back that beautiful, beautiful house that happens to be white, that is so magnificent, and that we all love. We are going to take back the White House,” Trump said during his “Save America Rally” in Texas.

According to a Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey released to The Hill in March, Trump received 47% support compared to President Joe Biden who received 41%.

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The outlet noted Vice President Kamala Harris performed even worse when it came to the hypothetical match-up with the former president.

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Forty-nine percent would support Trump while only 38% would back Harris.

Mark Penn, the co-director of the Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey, explained, “I would not give a lot of weight to trial heats right now other than they reflect the weakness of Biden and the administration right now.”

He added, “That Trump beats them both by a wide margin suggests most Republican nominees once known fully by the public would beat them unless they are able to pivot out of the current nadir in their numbers.”

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