Pre-K Teacher Conducts Anti-Israel 'Teach-Ins' on 'Ethnic Cleansing', Says 'Palestine Is a Children's Issue': Report


An award-winning New York City pre-kindergarten teacher called upon parents and other teachers to use their ability to mold young minds to teach that Israel is evil.

Siriana Abboud, 29, who teaches at PS 59 in Manhattan, offers tips on talking to pre-K children about “land theft, displacement and ethnic cleansing,” according to the New York Post.

The Post said it was told by insiders and educators that she believes “teaching can never be radical or revolutionary, so long as you deny the ongoing and violent colonization of Palestine by Zionism.”

“Justice-informed teaching means breaking down power imbalances I’ve been given as a classroom teacher,” Abboud has said, and “we aren’t teaching the truth if we’re silent on Palestine,” according to the report.

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Abboud was the 2023-24 early childhood recipient of the Big Apple Award, which gave her a seat on the Chancellor’s Teacher Advisory Council to share teaching practices with others.

“We stand against genocide. Stop letting your tax dollars support the massacre and ethnic cleansing of Palestine,” she said in one recent post on her Instagram page, in which she also posted “Zionist war crimes are brutal and well-documented.”

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In a social media post titled “Speaking with your child about Palestine,” one of the “teach-ins” she has on her account, Abboud wrote, “You are welcome to ask me questions to help you unlearn the anti-Palestinian and orientalist rhetoric we’ve all been taught. You are NOT welcome to attack me by falsely claiming my solidarity with Palestinians is antisemitic.”

“I invite you to continue reading Palestinian stories and speaking with your children about Palestine, the way you do with all forms of racism and oppression,” the preschool teacher wrote.

“The violence began when the colonizers invaded Palestine,” she wrote in another post. “It will end when Palestine is liberated and every Palestinian has their freedom in their historic homeland.”

Elsewhere she posted, “Palestine is a children’s issue.”

To Abboud, Israel is a “fascist ethnostate,” according to the report.

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In a Facebook post for her Allusio Academy, she said she had learned about “the hidden and brutal history of rape that was used to establish the state of Israel.”

Some of those who work with her do not take kindly to the attempted brainwashing, the Post reported.

“This is exactly the anti-Jewish culture that people are seeing throughout the DOE,” one said.

“This person is molding young children’s minds and really indoctrinating children from a preschool age,” the employee said.

“Her account is full of hate,” one mother said. “I am scared of sending my kid there.”

The Canary Mission, which documents incidents of anti-Semitism, reported that Abboud “has demonized Israel, spread hatred of Zionism and engaged in anti-Israel activism.”

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