'QAnon Shaman' Seen for First Time Since Release from Federal Prison - Look at the Shirt He Is Wearing


No horns. No headdress. But “QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley still has freedom written all over him.


Images of Chansley appeared in the Daily Mail showing one of the most iconic figures of the Capitol incursion at a halfway house in Phoenix where he is expected to serve the rest of his sentence for his participation in the incursion.

One of the images includes Chansley standing on a balcony wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with one word: Freedom.

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Other images published show a smiling Chansley, whose beard has grown longer during his imprisonment.

Chansley was transferred to his current facility after serving 27 months of a 41-month sentence according to a representative of the federal Bureau of Prisons. The representative noted that good conduct can result in a sentence reduction and that the final leg of a sentence is often served at a halfway house.

Although Chansley’s supporters have said videos show him amicably navigating the Capitol in the company of Capitol police should result in either his freedom or a reduced sentence, the Mail reported that Chansley’s transfer does not appear connected to those efforts.

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Chansley’s arrival came as a surprise to some inmates at the facility, who did not know they had a celebrity in their midst.

“What? He put on the horns? Holy s**t,” Ernesto Leyva, Chansley’s roommate, said when a reporter from the New York Post spoke to him through the gates of the facility.

“He’s quiet and [keeps] to himself,” Leyva said, adding that Chansley was “all right.”

The Post report said Chansley, who did not speak to the media, had with him a coffee mug bearing the words “Stand for something or fall for anything” when he left the facility on Sunday.

Shywanna Grimes, one of the women at the facility, said Chansley waves and says hello.

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“We all have a background. We are all human. We all make mistakes. We are not perfect,” Grimes said.

The Post said Chansley will be at the Phoenix location through May 25.

Albert Watkins, who represented Chansley, hailed the news that Chansley would be released next month, according to NPR.

“Mr. Chansley can now move forward with his life. For that I applaud the BOP,” Watkins said.

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