Factbox: ‘They Don’t Have the Material’ – Quotes on Trump’s Senate Impeachment Trial

Here are some key quotes from Wednesday, the first day the U.S. Senate heard the Democrats’ case for removing President Donald Trump from office.


“We’re doing very well. I got to watch enough. I thought our team did a very good job. But honestly, we have all the material. They don’t have the material.”


“The second article of impeachment was for obstruction of Congress: covering up witnesses and documents from the American people. This morning the President not only confessed to it, he bragged about it: ‘Honestly, we have all the material. They don’t have the material.'”


“Nothing could be more dangerous to a democracy than a commander in chief who believed that he could operate with impunity, free from accountability. Nothing, that is, except a Congress that is willing to let it be so.”

“When you focus on the evidence uncovered during the investigation, you will appreciate there is no serious dispute about the facts underlying the president’s conduct. And this is why you will hear the president’s lawyers make the astounding claim that you can’t impeach a president for abusing the powers of his office, because they can’t seriously contest that that is exactly – exactly – what he did.”


“We’re going to get down to the merits of the case, and that’s why the president will be vindicated with a verdict of acquittal.”


“What the House managers were proposing yesterday was basically to destroy the presidency as we know it … when it comes to Donald Trump, they’re willing to destroy the institution of the office in the name of getting him.”


“Yesterday we put the spotlight on the No. 1 issue in having a fair trial: witnesses and documents.

“That’s just where the spotlight belonged. And I predict that as a result, that spotlight will continue to focus on witnesses and documents and the pressure will continue to build on Republican senators.”

(Reporting by Doina Chiacu, David Morgan and Susan Heavey; Writing by Andy Sullivan; Editing by Howard Goller)


  1. I hate to inform you sonya but the demonrat/communist party doesn’t have ANY morals or ethics. Examples are the impeachment and the murder of children called infanticide.

  2. I appreciate these snippets. Thank you for both sides! I think it apparent, though, that if the POTUS’ team were required to produce witnesses and docs, Republican senators would be dealing with personal moral crises on a massive scale.

  3. These democrat INSIDERS are lying again & trying to project their crime of obstructing onto OUR OUTSIDER President. All of the one world global government, aka the new world order and deep state establishment began their obstruction of our president with their Stop Trum[ ovement – which next became an a;ll out effort to throw the election to Hillary when that failed – another failure & the FBI all the others entered the Crossfire Hurricane fishing expeditions on Trump. They nest set up the Rosenstein/Mueller treason fishing expedition with all the original INSIDERS still participating in their fishing expeditions – & when their positions were ended long after their invnestigation collapsed – they moved headquarters of the treason into the HOUSE and the Deep state establishmet traitors inside congress!
    From beginning to the ending with this sham of an impeachment – IT HAS BEEN BLOCKING AND OBSTRUCTING President Trump by grossly misusing & abusing the power of their postitions in the federal government while lying and tryikng to project their crmes onto our President – because they are terrified of being exposed for the traitors they have been shown to be & not to mention all the blocking & obastructing President Trump from following the immigration laws – for which these law breaking congressional should have been arrested & prosecuted to the fullest for many decades ago!

  4. “we have all the material. They don’t have the material.” King Donald The Loser

    And THAT, dear IJR members, is called a cover-up.

    1. Cover up? You mean like Adam Schiff has done with what appears to be collusion between Adam Schiff, his team and the whistleblower, who only has hearsay evidence? Is that the kind of coverup you are talking about? It appears to me that the President is not the loser here but the lying Adam Schiff is the loser.

  5. Once again, the House Democrats’ were very, very long on accusations and very, very thin on evidence—and this to charges that aren’t even crimes.

    They don’t seem to grasp that it was THEIR job to investigate. That phase is over. We’re also past the point in the trial of making accusations. The opening statements are over. NOW is the time they are supposed to present their evidence that a crime was committed by the President and they are still stuck on accusations. They are failing—miserably.

  6. What a farce this is. “I want nothing. I want nothing.” I will never vote Dem again.

  7. If all the DNC leaders choked to death in their sleep tonight, well…. I think America would celebrate like never before 🙂

      1. Join the discussion…You are included in that Michael (with a capital B). You and the whole of your membership of the communist totalitarian party.

  8. Hey Schiff face, where are ALL of the basement hearing’s PAPERS??!! I’ve read somewhere that you are holding, hiding them, for what reason is that?? You’ve done NOTHING for ” WE THE PEOPLE ” since like forever, Keep up, and you and your budies are next!! We can and I hope, we will VOTE YOU ALL OUT!!

      1. Join the discussion…He said plenty michael (with a capital B).

  9. That which Senator Graham said reflects the apparent desires and intent of those like Commie Bernie to eliminate the House, the Senate and the SCOTUS and install one-man rule – – as outlined by his Iowa Field Organizer – Kyle Jurek and backed by Commie Bernie’s South Carolina Field Organizer – Martin Weissgerber.. This would mean the demise of the US as a Republic under an elected :President and being reestablished as a Third World Sh**hole under a Soviet-style loving Fascist Dictator – Comrade Bernie Sanders. Congenital liar Schiff is feeding into that narrative with his “overwhelming evidence” (he really doesn’t have anything) in an attempt to throw a duly elected President out of Office for no reason, a POTUS who was elected by the PEOPLE; not appointed by a Committee of Fascist Elitists who would destroy the Nation with their historically failed philosophy.

      1. Join the discussion…michael (with a capital B) and all his pals in the communist party have 0 reasons except to commit treason by removing a duly elected President and put in place their communist chairman to rule America. They want POWER and nothing else. They want a totalitarian government which their party has wanted since before the War of Independence in 1776. Make no mistake, it is the same party today.

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