Randi Weingarten Ripped to Shreds After 4-Word Post About Jews Praying Outside the White House


Whoever is managing American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten’s social media presence should probably be replaced.

And if Weingarten is really crafting her own posts on X, she should take a break from social media for… ever.

Earlier this week, she got roasted after sharing a story about the rise in homeschooling. And on Tuesday, she shared a post from Fox News’ Mark Levin of Orthodox Jews praying outside the White House and asked four words, “Where are the women?”

A community note pointed out that Orthodox Jews are traditionally separated by gender during prayer, and there were women praying as well but they were not seen in that video.

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Once again, Weingarten was thoroughly criticized for her comment:

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The charitable view of Weingarten’s post is that she is so ignorant and steeped in progressive ideology and DEI that she sees a bunch of men and has an automatic, gut reaction to ask, “Where are the women?”

And the darker view of the situation is the video upset her for some reason and she was trying to borrow from conservatives — who like to ask the same question when they see images of mobs of people crossing the U.S.-Mexico border illegally — to criticize Jews for praying and suggest they shouldn’t be there.

Weingarten has called herself a “deeply religious” Jew so perhaps she should know Orthodox Jews do not pray with women and the lack of women shouldn’t be a question. And no one should try to judge someone’s faith or heart simply by their social media posts. So jumping to the latter conclusion without further evidence isn’t wise.

Regardless if you see a day where hundreds of thousands of people, conservative and liberal, show up to show support for Jewish people after a barbaric terrorist attack and as acts of antisemitism are on the rise, and your response is to desperately find something to criticize, you’re doing life wrong.

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