Joy Reid Compares 'White, Rural and Far Right Christian' Republican Voters to Terrorists


MSNBC’s Joy Reid is likening the voting habits of Republicans to the terrorist organization that planned the 9/11 attacks.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday, Reid ripped into Republican lawmakers around the country and their political strategy.

“The greatest, and sickest irony of the [GOP’s] new political strategy is that they are appealing to the most prurient fears of white Christian parents, while passing bills and maintaining alliances that normalize child brides and rape as a legitimate means of procreation,” she claimed.

The host went on, “If Democrats were anything like Republicans, they’d long ago have begun calling them the pro-rape, pro child marriage party and accusing them of forcing women to be child-birthing slaves of the state, while banning the teaching of what slavery is to keep the chattel docile.”

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Additionally, she stated that she is concerned the U.S. will “look a lot more like Russia or Hungary or even Afghanistan than any one of y’all can imagine.”

“Because Republicans are aggressive in their pursuit of social and political control, while just about everyone else is pretty disengaged,” Reid explained.

That led one Twitter user to comment, “Show me where Dems are standing between us and them, Joy. Show me where they’ve stopped the GOP states from passing literally 100s of bills shattering trans and gay rights, women’s rights, voting rights, election laws.”

“Biden literally called the GOP good people TODAY,” they added.

Do you think this is an appropriate comparison?

Reid responded, “Democrats are in super minorities in these state legislatures where this stuff is passing precisely because their younger, multiracial base largely sits out midterm and state elections while Republicans, who are overwhelmingly white, rural and far right Christian vote every time.”

She went on to liken Republicans to al Qaeda, which carried out the 9/11 terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people.

“Republicans vote like al-Qaida fights: with a patient, long-term goal of seizing power and forcing the libertine culture to heel under the boot; no matter how many elections it takes,” she continued.

Reid added, “Many Democrats get frustrated after every setback and give up on voting without much of a fight,” she continued.

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Finally, the host claimed, “That’s why those anti-voting laws work. They’re designed to frustrate voters out of even trying to participate.”

“And the constant bizarre propaganda from the Republican right serves the same purpose: convincing people that there’s no point to politics. It’s all memes and theater,” she said.

Reid’s tweet thread comes after the Oklahoma legislature advanced a measure to ban most abortions.

The Oklahoma House voted 70-14 to approve the bill, and the state Senate passed it last year. It now goes to Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt’s (R) desk. He has previously vowed to sign measures restricting abortion access.

Under the measure, performing an abortion would be a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison for abortion providers.

It does provide an exception if the life of the woman is in danger. However, it does not provide an exception for rape or incest.

Pro-abortion groups are expected to challenge the bill.

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