US To Reverse Trump’s ‘Draconian’ Immigration Policies, Biden Tells Mexican President

The United States plans to reverse the Trump administration’s “draconian” immigration approach while working on policies addressing the causes of migration, President Joe Biden told his Mexican counterpart, the White House said on Saturday.

In a Friday call with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Biden outlined his plan to create new legal pathways for immigration and improve the process for people requesting asylum, according to an account of the call released by the White House.

Priorities include “reversing the previous administration’s draconian immigration policies,” the White House said.

The two leaders agreed to work together towards reducing “irregular migration,” the White House release said.

Mexico has a major role to play in Biden’s plans for immigration reform. Earlier this month, Mexico helped coordinate efforts in Central America to contain a large caravan of migrants heading for the United States.

Mexico’s Foreign Ministry also said it had begun talks with Washington about a COVID-19-related order signed by Biden to establish firmer health protocols for people entering U.S. territory.

The call was “pleasant and respectful,” López Obrador said in a brief Twitter post.

“Everything indicates relations will be good and for the benefit of our people and nations,” López Obrador said.

Nevertheless, Biden’s inauguration comes at a time of simmering tension over a now-dropped U.S. investigation into former Mexican defense minister Salvador Cienfuegos.

Cracking down on both legal and illegal immigration was a core focus of Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump.

Biden, meanwhile, has made an early push for a bill that would open a path for citizenship for the roughly 11 million people living in the United States illegally, though even his allies in Congress acknowledge that may be “a Herculean task.”

(Reporting by Christopher Bing; Editing by Scott Malone, Daniel Wallis, Diane Craft and Franklin Paul)


  1. His plan I read was to give 4 billion of our dollars (even though ” he doesn’t work for us”) ( obviously) to these immigrants countries to make their countries nicer so they won’t want to come here! Enjoy your $600 stimulus while bending over America.

  2. Well Biden doesn’t care for the American people. If there is a travel ban from Europe, why not the immigrants? They can carry COVID-19 and who knows what else.

    1. “They can carry COVID-19 and who knows what else.” Bernadette

      There ya go again, Bernadette, saying the quiet parts out loud. You are supposed to keep your racism subtle and out of sight where nobody can see it.

  3. Does that really mean ignoring US laws concerning immigration? Will he do away with the cages for children that were built and occupied during the Obama administration?

  4. Can we at the very least agree that applying for asylum is not illegal?
    There were many Trumpisms that I could not find a logical path to their conclusion, but that one is near the top of the long list.

    1. How are Cult-45 going to agree when people applying for asylum are usually not rich, conservative, white Christians? OMG, they are dirty FOREIGNERS! (Some on IJR have actually used the word “dirty” or other synonyms, such as diseased.)

    2. as soon as you agree that coming in illegally is illegal
      there isn’t a republican anywhere that is against legal immigration or a pathway to citizenship.
      you don’t have a problem with drug traffickers and child sex traffickers being denied citizenship?
      you repeating your same lie just shows ignorance
      you can’t seem to tell the difference between logic and your lies

      1. I am confused, tom.

        Who is repeating lies? For one, right-wingers repeat lies about refugees all of the time. Get off your high horse.

        1. Hey, when somebody replies to one of your posts, do you get a notification? I think that’s a used-to-work feature that isn’t working now.

      2. I don’t know anything about sex traffickers and drug dealers clogging up our citizenship system. Only time I ever heard anything about it was from that unreliable source, Trump. This seems like another case of bringing up a problem that doesn’t exist so that someone will stop thinking about the problems that are real.

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