Multiple RNC Attendees Test Positive for Coronavirus


Four people at the Republican National Convention in Charlotte have tested positive for the coronavirus, according to local health officials.

Two of those who tested positive were attendees and two were support staff. All of those infected were instructed to quarantine immediately.

The area’s public health director said, “There have been no known incidences during the 5 days of RNC meetings in Charlotte where the public has potentially been exposed to an individual involved in the event (local or otherwise) who may have tested positive for COVID,” according to the Charlotte Observer.

The Republican National Committee scrapped its plans for a large convention a few weeks before the scheduled event and Trump delivered the keynote speech from the White House.

On August 23, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel was asked how the RNC planned to protect the president’s supporters in Charlotte. She said, “It’s really important to understand that the Democrats and Joe Biden just said ‘Were’ going to shut this country down again’ and that is a really elite view of America right now.”

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She added, “From a safety perspective, we tested everybody before they came to Charlotte. We have been testing people on sight. We are doing the things that are allowing people to live their lives, have a convention and do it in a healthy and safe way.”

Meanwhile, when Donald Trump accepted the Republican nomination for president on Thursday night at the White House, there were few precautions. The Washington Post reported that of the over 1,500 supporters in attendance, few were wearing masks and social distancing protocols were completely ignored.

Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain trended on Twitter on Thursday night as photos of the South Lawn were posted online. Cain died from the coronavirus which he contracted after attending a Trump rally and posting photos of himself without a mask in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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