Robert Redford Reveals Who He Is Voting for in This Year’s Election

Actor and director Robert Redford announced he is throwing his support behind Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in an op-ed published by CNN.

Redford opens the op-ed reminiscing about when he was younger, listening to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt over the radio.

He acknowledged the former president’s unifying voice amid the challenge of fascism.

Redford identified him as an example of the kind of leadership America needs in this political climate.

He transitioned to explaining how that is not something the nation has right now, instead, Americans have President Donald Trump.

“But one thing is clear: Instead of a moral compass in the Oval Office, there’s a moral vacuum. Instead of a president who says we’re all in it together, we have a president who’s in it for himself,” Redford said.

He added, “Instead of words that uplift and unite, we hear words that inflame and divide.”

Redford gave examples of how he believes Trump has sacrificed “any claim to moral authority” including retweeting and deleting a video of someone shouting “white power,” calling journalists “enemies of the state,” and turning a mask to combat the coronavirus into a “culture war.”

Redford warned four more years of the Trump administration would lead to autocracy and lead to more damage to the environment.

He pivoted to urging Americans to vote for Biden.

“And I believe Biden was made for this moment. Biden leads with his heart. I don’t mean that in a soft and sentimental way,” Redford said.

He continued, “I’m talking about a fierce compassion – the kind that fuels him, that drives him to fight against racial and economic injustice, that won’t let him rest while people are struggling.”

Redford closed his op-ed by pointing to peaceful protests and community action to combat the coronavirus pandemic as examples of unity.

“These acts of compassion and kindness make our country stronger. This November, we have a chance to make it stronger still – by choosing a president who is consistent with our values, and whose moral compass points toward justice,” Redford said.


  1. General Confusion
    When you count the comments don’t assume they all had to do with an old retired actor.
    Sometimes they just have to do with hate and immaturity.
    Wishing death to Donald Trump and Hugh Wayne Black.“

  2. Delbert
    That’s unfortunate because he’ll be there for 4 more years. I am in a business that depends on the economy and before this “pandemic “ appeared that economy was booming as was unemployment doing better than I have ever experienced. And I’ve been in this business for 30 years. I will never understand such hate. It has become a mental sickness. Good luck!

  3. Cheryl, I thought Obama did a second rate job. But Trump is so bad, he makes second rate look excellent. Almost every day, a fresh disaster. Yeah, I want him off the TV and out of my head.

  4. “What a nothing burger.” Delbert

    Not according to the numbers. This topic has received 20 comments, so far. It took an old, retired actor to bring these guys out of their shell and post. That shows where THEIR priorities lay.

    1. I actually just came to see what kind of drivel would come out of you about a nothing burger article.

  5. Delbert
    You seems to have a miserable life with President Trump living inside your head daily. I wasn’t a fan, at all , of Obama/Biden but did not spend soooo much time proselytizing about them. Get a real life and quickly.

  6. Gee. An actor who’s a liberal. Shocking. Redford, you’re in your 80s. Just STFU. Nobody in the current generation even knows who you are. I stand with Truman Capote and Anthony Hopkins as we say, ‘Actors are dumb’.

  7. What a nothing burger. So a Hollywood liberal is going to vote for the Democrat. That would be unsurprising, even if the Republican weren’t a child-man international embarassment, who won’t read, can’t tell the truth, screams every time his thin skin is touched, admires dictators, sucks off the Russians, denies epidemiological reality and got 100,000 of his countrymen dead, breaks down international systems and alliances… oh, hell.

    1. WOW dickbert, you want to talk about lying. Let’s talk about the obutticus/biten time in office. Every time they opened their mouth ONLY lies and deceit came out. Trump has been a straight shooter with the American people and you don’t like that because it does not fit your agenda. You think by feeding the American public shit and keeping them in the dark that you will be able to control us and take away our rights. Then for you it will be much easier to shove communism down our throats. You should probably put your head back up your ass and STFU!!!!!!!

  8. Are you kidding Redford???!!! Biden can’t even get a sentence out let alone have any leadership qualities. Justice for who? Have you read any if Sleepy Joe’s history? He’s a racist through and through.
    Fierce???!!! He’s about as fierce as a bowl of milktoast!!!
    Man I don’t know what you’ve been watching or reading but you are way off base on this one!!!

  9. BTW Craig your question what has he done for me personally is just a trait of the socialist you are. There is more to running the country than whats in it for me.

  10. Craig, check
    This list is endless. I know you will come back and say what about for me. You have benefited indirectly from his accomplishments so don’t bother with a response what about me. My question to you is what did Obama do for the country in his 8 years. His list will be minuscule compared to what Trump did in 3 years.

  11. Guess you have no money of your own or the fact the economy is doing much better than ever expected. Pisses off the Dems.

  12. Hey Tony, tell me one positive thing that Trump has done for me personally?

    1. So, you want President Trump dead. Well in the coming civil war you probably will end up that way along with MANY of your cohorts.

  13. Redford is so dementia afflicted that he still thinks he’s starring as Bob Woodward. Come to think of it, Bob Woodward is pretty senile himself. These two should compare notes on what it’s like to be Bob Woodward. I bet they both forget.

  14. This is news? Redford is a big leftie who obviously cares more about socialism than the mental capacity of the candidate for US President.

  15. Who the hell is Robert Redford, does he sell Biden Tee shirts or something?

  16. Redford is so far left he would vote for an Antifa trans woman with pink hair before he votes republican.

  17. Yawn. I know so many voters wait to see what Redford is going to do. I know that I ……don’t!

  18. Why does this warrant a post on IJR? Who cares who the Hollywood freaks vote for?

  19. Seriously ??? Does Redford also have Dementia ??? President Trump has done more positive things for OUR Nation than any president ever. The DimWitDems keep tripping over their Depends !!!

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