DOJ Backtracks on Sentencing Demand for Roger Stone After Trump Calls It ‘Unfair’

Former Trump aide Roger Stone is facing some serious prison time for lying to Congress, obstruction of justice and witness tampering — or at least he was facing serious time before President Donald Trump tweeted his support for his former aide on Tuesday morning.

In a tweet responding to a story about Stone, Trump wrote, “This is a horrible and very unfair situation. The real crimes were on the other side, as nothing happens to them. Cannot allow this miscarriage of justice!”

Stone was convicted by a jury in Washington, D.C., in a federal courthouse only a few blocks from the White House, in November on a total of seven counts. Stone’s trial also featured the appearance of Trump’s former White House aide, Steve Bannon, who testified during the trial that the Trump campaign viewed Stone as a back-channel to Wikileaks.

Prosecutors initially asked for Judge Amy Berman-Jackson to give Stone seven to nine years for his crimes — he’s set to be sentenced on February 20. However, after Trump voiced his outrage on Twitter, a DOJ source told NBC News that the department is re-evaluating the sentencing recommendation.

The department official told NBC News, “The department finds the recommendation extreme and excessive and will clarify its position later today.”

In the sentencing memo, prosecutors wrote, “Investigations into election interference concern our national security, the integrity of our democratic processes, and the enforcement of our nation’s criminal laws. These are issues of paramount concern to every citizen of the United States. Obstructing such critical investigations thus strikes at the very heart of our American democracy.”

Stone is one of a handful of Trump aides, including former campaign manager Paul Manafort, who have been found guilty of charges stemming from Robert Mueller‘s probe. His trial featured a number of twists, including a gag order that Judge Berman-Jackson placed on him and that he flaunted with a threatening Instagram post that featured the judge’s face beside an image of crosshairs.


  1. Is there a word for a combination of totalitarianism and authoritarianism?” Michael

    No. They are synonyms.

    Totalitarianism and authoritarianism are similar in that they are more centrist isms than what Dear Leader is and wants to be. He leans towards a specific ism called fascism. Fascism is on the conservative side of totalitarianisms.

    Please, Phyllis and Michael, call him what he is – a fascist.


  2. Wow! The hateful Democrat flies were out buzzing over this one! And yet for all of the lies told at the Kavanaugh hearing? Nothing.

      1. “I think we can give Trump and his enablers their due and call it Trumpism.”

        There is no need to make up a new term for what Dear Leader is doing. It’s just good olde fashioned fascism. I wish you would call it what it is.

  3. The president rightly said “bad DOJ” and they folded. Might some bureaucrats fear for their jobs? Nah.

    Nothing to see here. Move along.

    1. What is with “they,” Screw? Barr folded. Fear of one’s job is not likely in the Trump administration as long as they enable corruption. Perhaps he should be concerned about his law license. Just curious, is THIS what you had in mind for “Drain the Swamp”?? “Nothing to see here. Move along” is the mantra of Trump enablers. “Let Trump Be Trump” apparently works for everyone that voted for corruption.—Keep in mind that it was 46% of the 2016 vote.

    1. We don’t know the ages of those who resigned in protest. They may have plans to continue their legal careers post Trump. Barr apparently has no plans that include the need for credibility and integrity. He acts like a man with no future need for a law license. Was surprised that Barr is only 69 years old.

  4. “…or at least he WAS facing serious time before President Donald Trump tweeted his support for his former aide on Tuesday morning.” Article

    This is what fascists DO.

    1. Idiot. Fascists would have had his prosecutors on trial not him.

      You really have neither a sense of history nor how things really work.

    2. What do you have to say about others who have lied to Congress yet walk completely free?

      I thought equal treatment was a typical socialist lie, err, belief.

  5. Hmm. I wonder if certain others who have lied to Congress will receive fair and equal treatment and prosecution? We can only hope, but I don’t see pardons forthcoming.

    John Brennan lied to Congress (specifically the Senate), besides literally being a card-carrying Commie.

    Where’s his trial and sentencing?

    Just as Gropin’ Joe charged for putting up Secret Service and faced NO accusations of emoluments there’s an obvious double-standard at work.

    1. You do see the absurdity in calling Joe Biden “Gropin Joe” and totally ignoring “Pussygrabber Don”? If charging rent for the Secret Service is an emoluments violation, WHY is the monthly allotment set at 1,100 a month? Do you have a clue the meaning of double standard? $650 a night is fine with you. 24 accusations of sexual harassment/assault are fine with you. Hundreds of lawsuits for non-payment of services rendered is fine with you. Nepotism on steroids is fine with you. Serial adultery is fine with you as long as it is the candidate you support—it is not acceptable if it is the opposing candidate’s SPOUSE. $22 million FRAUD settlement and $2 million fines for stealing from his charity are fine with you. Affairs with a porn star and Playboy model is fine with you—defending him when he denied it and pretending you believe it was her attorney’s fault when he admitted it. You have ONE set of standards for R’s, another set for D’s and NO STANDARDS for Trump.

  6. Now that the question of sentencing’s settled bear in mind that The President can always pardon Stone. That ought to troll some Lefties big time.

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