Romney Defends Vote To Convict Trump, Calls on Senators To ‘Affirm What We All Know’

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) is explaining his vote to convict former President Donald Trump on the impeachment charge of “incitement of insurrection.”

In a statement on Thursday, Romney said he listened to the arguments by the House impeachment managers and Trump’s defense team during the trial. 

“The conclusion I reached on the final verdict will not surprise anyone who read my reasoning in the first impeachment trial: I consider an attempt to corrupt an election to keep oneself in power one of the most reprehensible acts that can be taken by a sitting president,” Romney wrote.

He noted Trump’s apparent effort to pressure state election officials to overturn the results of the presidential election as well as his decision to encourage his supporters to attend the rally on Jan. 6.

“Despite the obvious and well-known threat of violence, he incited and directed thousands to descend upon the seat of Congress,” he added.

Romney claimed Trump “not only failed to defend the Vice President,” but he “also incited further violence against the Vice President.”

“The President’s conduct represented an unprecedented violation of his oath of office and of the public trust.”

Read the statement below:

Romney also suggested that Trump “attempted to breach” the “thin line separates our democratic republic from an autocracy: it is a free and fair election and the peaceful transfer of power that follows it.”

“What he attempted is what was most feared by the Founders. It is the reason they invested Congress with the power to impeach. Accordingly, I voted to convict President Trump,” he added.

The Utah senator turned his attention to Trump’s repeated and unfounded claims that the presidential election was stolen, which he argued further divided the nation and “poisoned our politics and public discourse.”

“Like you, I hear many calls for unity. It is apparent that calling for unity while at the same time appeasing the big lie of a stolen election is a fraud. It is the lie that caused the division. It is in the service of that lie that a mob invaded the Capitol on January 6th,” he said.

Finally, he urged his colleagues to “affirm what we all know.”

“President Biden won the election through the legitimate vote of the American people. The division in America will only begin to heal in the light of this truth, a truth which must now be affirmed by each of us in this chamber.”

Romney is one of seven Republicans who voted to convict Trump for what lawmakers say was his role in inciting the violence at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

He was also the only Republican senator to vote to convict Trump in 2020. 


  1. Romney will follow Mad King Biden around as his Igor saying, “yes master” for the next four years.

  2. Things just got a Whole lot more interesting in court for President Who?. Cyrus Vance Jr just hired Mark F. Pomerantz who has deep experience investigating and defending white-collar and organized crime cases, including John Gotti, from the Gambino family.

    Pomerantz would not have been hired and he wouldn’t have taken the job if there was no “there” there. It looks as if Vance is turning up the heat on the loser.

  3. Here’s what we all OUGHT to know, especially a Republican senator who experienced eight years of Barack Obama: the law is more important than political vendetta.

    You don’t have to like Trump. You may be fully convinced he’s guilty as charged. But you cannot argue the law can be suspended so you can try him. But you went along with that fiasco anyway. I hope the people of Utah see how conveniently you’re willing to dispense with the plain, expressed law as in the Constitution to serve your own principles.

    Not saying you aren’t allowed to have them. But I am saying you aren’t allowed to use them in place of the law. That’s putting yourself above it, which makes you as guilty as you say Trump is.

    1. Michael, I re-read your post searching for the basis of your disagreement with Sen Romney’s response. I was unable to discern that it was based upon anything but your unfounded OPINION. I am unable to identify WHAT law to which you are referring? WHAT law has been “suspended”?? You failed to identify what that law is.

      Are you disagreeing with Mitt that the Constitution give the Senate the power to try all
      Are you disagreeing with Mitt that the impeachment vote took place on January 13, 2021?
      Are you disagreeing with Mitt that Trump WAS POTUS on January 13, 2021?
      Are you disagreeing with Mitt that the 117th Congress voted on the constitutionality question
      and the vote was 56 to 44 in favor that it WAS constitutional?
      And lastly, DID you READ Sen. Romney’s response?

      1. Syphilis – You could read his comment a thousand times and not understand it because it doesn’t agree with your agenda of 5 years – get rid of Trump. Anything that doesn’t agree with what you want is foreign to you. Too Bad, soooooo sad!! It’s over unless the lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats want to try for three. I’m sure they could come up with some more fake charges. They did really well with their BS for 5 years. We’ll be hearing from them for the next 10 years, I’m sure.

        Oh, by the way Syphilis, the acquittal vote on removal from office was on 13 FEB, not 13 Jan. That was after he was already out of office. That move was to try to prevent Trump from becoming a threat in 2024 (Prominent Democrats stated that). Now, wasn’t that the basis of the first fake impeachment, trying to prevent Mad King Biden from running? I guess it’s OK if lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats do it. Again, if it agrees with your agenda, anything is OK, regardless of laws and rights.

        1. Yet another post always making poor Mafia Don the victim. And I’m sure you applaud Mafia Don reining down retribution to any Republican who dares have a mind of their own AND a portion of integrity. Your posts are very predictable and boring CHUCKIE

    2. It would seem that Confused Squat with Syphilis are both too ignorant to understand laws and rights. This has been their problem all along. They seem to think that if they are told by the state media what to think and it’s what they wish, then it should be so. The law and people’s rights don’t work that way, that’s not justice. You just can’t make up facts to get what you want. The Democrats tried that for five years including the 2016 campaign.

      1. Your interpretation is incorrect, Chuck, both of what we are saying AND of what actually happened. We have tried to correct you on the facts, but you have no interest AT ALL in making corrections.

      2. Chuckie Cheese. You’re describing yourself. How sweet. So tell me about YOUR law degree? I must have missed the factual citations to defend your post. Did they get lost in the mail?? Nice biased, opinion piece though CHUCKIE

        1. Why, SherlockHomeless? Because he chose to stand up for this country and against a rogue president? That is what elected officials are SUPPOSED to do, not lick his jackboots.

      1. Have you ever heard the saying, “Actions speak louder than words”? He is “registered” R, but his actions and voting history prove he is a D, thus, in actuality he is a D totally and completely. His feelings are still hurt, he lost the Presidential election and someone not to his liking won four years later. As we have said of Romney, Murkowski, Collins, McUseless, Rubio, Sasse, Cassady, Burr, Toomey, and a few others, if you turn them inside out, you have a Demonrat. Be they D or R, most are establishment elites with few exceptions, NWO Globalists who care nothing about the work-a-bees.

        1. “if you turn them inside out … most are establishment elites with few exceptions, NWO Globalists” Jen

          Well, THAT certainly tells us a LOT about Jen. She is an anti-Semite.

          1. Well, Confused Squat, it would seem that the Democrats are the anti-semites as they are the ones that constantly criticize the Israelis and support the Palestinians’ attacks on Israel, even giving Hamas money to buy more rockets to fire at Israel. The Obamanation joined the Muslim nations in condemning Israel when they eliminated the rocket launchers and blew up the tunnels that terrorists used to attack Israel..

            Of course, the lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats accuse Republicans of being anti-semite. The lying state media swears to the accusations. Projection at its worst.

          2. You see what you did, Chuck. You just confirmed why it is impossible to have an an adult conversation with you. You use projection and deflation to twist things to how you feel comfortable.

            What you will never acknowledge is that there is a HUGE difference between the good Israeli PEOPLE and their GOVERNMENT. Until you yourself acknowledge that fact, you are useless.

      2. Confused Squat – we don ‘t need to see no stinking proof. Democrats tried in vain to get rid of Trump for 5 years with no proof. Apparently you only need proof when it involves anything that doesn’t fit into your precious agenda. Romney has been a RINO ever since he lost to the Obamanation. He’s recently become a rat, voting to suspend laws and rights to become the Mad King Biden’s Igor.

        1. There was a ton of valid evidence, Chuck, but with the American Fascists in power, they could temporarily ignore it and spread lies, such as you yourself do.

    1. Romney is still holding a Trump grudge because he became President and Romney, a fine upstanding Mormon, could not. And we’re better for it. Well the Republicans are. He’ll have to switch parties and still won’t win. They hand pick their winners. Ask Joe.

        1. In No way is Romney a Repub. Romney is a jealous, evil, hate-filled individual who cares nothing about his constituents but all about himself and how he could get back at PRESIDENT Trump who (A) dared to win a Presidential election Romney failed at, and (2) was not appointed to an ambassadorship for which he begged PRESIDENT Trump. Romney’s ego is larger than the state of Alaska.

          1. Jen: I find it hard to believe that you can be so misinformed in this era of the Internet. Mitt Romney voted 81% of the time FOR President Who? policies. That is higher than a lot of other Congress members, so what is your REAL beef with him, Jen, because it certainly can’t be his voting record.


      1. I voted in the PA Democrat Primary and did in fact use my HAND to vote for Joe Biden. What appendage did you use in casting your vote for Trump, Cherl?

        Cherl, you live and vote in PA. WHAT qualifies you to speak for Utah voters?

        We do appear to agree that Obama winning a 2nd term ” And we’re better for it.”

        1. Better for the 2nd term of the Obamanation? Bwahahahahahahahaha!! That asshole made America more dependent on foreign oil and goods, involved us in worthless, harmful treaties with Iran and the Paris Accord, welcomed potential terrorists from Middle East nations and gave incentive for the hoard of illegals, creating caravans of thousands sneaking across our border.

          It took Trump 2 years to begin turning around our energy production to where we were an exporter and no longer dependent on foreign fuel. He also turned around our dependency on Chinese goods, brought back companies and jobs which is why China attacked us and the world with a second bio attack.

          The Mad King Biden is now returning us to dependency and lost jobs. Of course, The Mad King will be alright as he and his son will be getting $millions in kickbacks from the Chinese and others. The Mad King is once again seeking to appease Iran, our sworn enemy, while preparing to rejoin the failure that is the Paris accord, wasting $billions. The Mad King is planning a ban on interstate travel to further hurt the economy. He’s also giving incentive for caravans of illegals to sneak across our border, instructing our border patrols to let them cross and even using his executive powers to forbid the use of the term ‘illegal alien’ in favor of ‘undocumented non-citizen’. How cute. There’s been talk of guaranteeing the illegals an income of up to $2000 in addition to free medical care and education. I’m sure the Obamanation is somewhere smiling at the destruction of the Economy and loss of technology to China.

  4. Nobody cares what you think, RINO. If it weren’t for your poor showing in the 2012 Presidential showing, we would have never had a second term from Barak Obama. And, according to Donald Trump himself, that is the reason he ran. So you, sir, are the reason Donald Trump ran in the first place. How do it feel to be so completely stupid?

      1. Obama’s Gallop rating Jan. 17-19, 2017 was 59% approval and 37% disapproval. NOT ONCE in Trump’s 4 years did his rating Jan 4-15, 2021 was 34% approval and 62% disapproval. Trump’s HIGH points were 49% approval. He never attained even HALF the country’s approval.

        Obama was ranked TWELFTH BEST POTUS. Carter was ranked 26th in 2017 while G W Bush was ranked 33rd best. WHAT ranking are you anticipating for Trump?

        1. The Obamanation was a POS that did everything he could get away with to bring America down. He’s still trying with every speech he makes.

  5. “Romney claimed Trump “not only failed to defend the Vice President,” but he “also incited further violence against the Vice President.” Odd that the Vice President doesn’t share Igor Romney’s claims. The violent faction that wanted to attack Pence were made up of Antifa, proof that Antifa were causing the violence. The state media will say otherwise, promoting the idea that Antifa was nowhere around, attacking police. That’s just what the Democrats and Mad King Biden want everyone to think. The state media can no longer be believed.

    1. Donald Trump was still giving his speech when the Capitol was breached. And the police officers let them in. So, again, how is Donald Trump responsible, Mitt? I guess you’re dumb enough to believe the media as well. Antifa and BLM are the ones behind this and, apparently, were successful having you and the rest of your like believe it. Can’t say you’re any smarter than they are.

      1. We can’t forget about the 177,000 voters that Michigan just purged from therd voter rolls. How convenient huh.

  6. The Romney RINO is in bed with the Democrat fascists that are taking our freedoms, one by one. He tries to justify his second vote to convict by using his first vote to convict. I don’t know why the Democrat fascists don’t try for a third impeachment. Just make shit up like they did the last four years. They’d get plenty of support from RINOs like Romney. He’ll be Mad King Biden’s Igor, like McCain was for the Obamanation. They could continue for the next four years, if they don’t lose control in 2022. Judging by what they are doing to eliminate our rights and cripple the nation, they will probably lose all Congressional control, unless they can come up with more massive cheating.

  7. What it is romney is all you career idiots are mad cause trump wasn’t controlled by the swamp and cared about the people. All you lifers in there just give a shit about yourselves

    1. “trump wasn’t controlled by the swamp and cared about the people” Rich

      Is THAT what you really believe happened over four years, Rich? You need to get better informed.

  8. We “…all know…” the Democrats engaged in massive voter fraud to win the 2020 election too…. But no one is allowed to say so out loud….

  9. Can any reasonable Republican or Religous/Republican find eror using truth in Romney’s words or actions here? How is it “the end justifies the means” when supporting the truth? That is to say, Trump does not go to church, instead golfs, he supports gropping women, has several wives, bankruptcies, but he is “The chosen one”? As such, as he publically said, he could shoot n kill someone and still get elected” Because the end justifies the means”? So at any price or denial of any words or actions, Trump is to be followed? The President that said on TV in public that “he fell in love with him” when directly meaning the Dictator of North Korea after talking to him? A president that publically said, Putin was a good leader? A president that publically supported the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia when that prince denied any involvement with the burtal beating and murder of an American Journalist, even though, weeks later that same Prince publically admitted being fully respponsible for the murder?

    1. Sorry Greggie, but nothing you said had anything to do with the grossly false charges against Trump, this time or the last. Fake charges, planned years ago, used both times. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the fascist Democrats try again with new fake charges. Romney makes a great Igor for the Mad King Biden – “yes master”.

      1. There is NOTHING fascistic about the Democrats, Chuck, and no false charge was ever brought against President Who?. Planned years ago? You REALLY don’t know the Democrats.

        1. Squat – everything about the Democrats is fascist. Violating and rewriting citizens’ rights, spying on rival campaigns, making lists of opposing candidates’ supporters, attempting to disarm the populace to make the takeover complete, buying up the media and turning it into a state media supporting the agenda. It’s right out of Hitler’s playbook. What’s next, people with an opposing view disappearing in the middle of the night? That’s fascism, regardless of the Democrat definition which is just another attempt at projection. That’s another hallmark of Fascism – changing definitions to support the agenda and forbidding the use of terms and words that don’t support that agenda. The Mad King and his minions in Congress are adding to the words and terms we aren’t allowed to use. His latest is ‘Illegal Alien’. Maybe you are unaware of that?

          1. Your interpretation of things imprison you in an environment that chokes your brain activity, Chuck.

            In other words, you can’t be serious, buddy?

      2. Chuck….Everything Greg said is a fact. He forgot to mention Putin putting bounties on our troops heads. Yes Trump loved Putin and all the other dictators. His withdrawal from Syria was a gift to Putin, do you remember how Trump left the Kurds, who have helped us and fought along side us, out to dry? What does Putin have on Trump?

        1. Donna – I see you believe everything the state media has told you. There’s no proof, of course, but you’ll repeat, repeat, repeat it all like the rest of the fake news designed to support the Democrat agenda. I suppose that you believe that the riots in Portland and Seattle, that lasted for months and involved mobs taking over Federal buildings and police stations, roaming through the suburbs telling whites to flee their homes were ‘peaceful’ protests. Where were the news reports that the Obamanation financed the start up of ISIS and provided them with 90% of their weapons? Where was the report on the Obamanations’s lie about getting Syria to destroy their chemical weapons? Where was the accurate report on Benghazi or ‘Fast and Furious’? Where is the report on Mad King Biden’s real involvement with his sons activities in the Ukraine, $3.2 million kickbacks from the wife of the ex mayor of Moscow, The $millions from the Chinese? Investigative committees have uncovered much evidence from laptops and the testimony of Hunter’s partner, but you won’t hear it on state media. It doesn’t support the agenda which is a Democrat takeover. Big tech deleted the information and the account of the newspaper that reported it.

          What does Putin have on Trump? You tell me. I’m sure you have some fantasy made up. Maybe Pelosi can make something up.

          1. “I see you believe everything the state media has told you.” Chuck

            I see that when FOX News was state media that YOU were in their control, too. I see how your mind works, now, Chuck. IT DOESN’T WORK AT ALL!

  10. NO thinking person could have come to a guilty verdict especially one based on a false charge to begin with. Romney is a jealous petty jackass. He needs to resign his seat, change party to D and run again. See how far he gets in R Utah. What a disgrace and a traitor.

  11. Romney has not done much as a US Senator from Utah. I voted for him for president when he ran but would never vote for him again. He probably is one of the Anti Trump Republicans who supported the Lincoln project and their sleazy excuses for not calling out their pedophile member until after the NYT did. If I were in Utah I would vote him out!

  12. I’ve never seen a Republicrat. Surprised of Romney. I had always liked him but he’s not being to his party

    1. Ron….Romney did the right thing when his party did the wrong thing. Your Republican party is doomed unless you all begin to do the right thing. You all love Trump instead of your party.

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