Romney Proposes Temporary Pay Raise for Frontline Workers

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) is proposing legislation to offer a pay increase to essential workers who are on the frontline of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Utah lawmaker introduced a proposed bill called “Patriot Pay” on Friday. The temporary pay raise would give essential workers an increase of up to $12 per hour — which would be up to $1,920 per month — for the months of May, June, and July.

The pay raise would also include a 75% refundable payroll tax credit.

Romney released a statement about the proposed legislation dedicated to the “unsung patriots on the frontline” of the pandemic. The Republican lawmaker also reiterated the purpose of the bill.

Romney said in a statement:

“Health care professionals, grocery store workers, food processors, and many others — the unsung patriots on the frontline of this pandemic — every day risk their safety for the health and well-being of our country, and they deserve our unwavering support. Patriot Pay is a way for us to reward our essential workers as they continue to keep Americans safe, healthy, and fed.”

Based on Romney’s proposal outline, the Labor Department and Congress would be in charge of determining who qualifies for hazard pay under the bill.

Although healthcare workers would likely be at the top of the essential workers’ list, the bill would also make provisions for food distribution workers and healthcare manufacturers.

Companies in the healthcare manufacturing industry have also worked to provide essential products being used to aid in the pandemic.

Essential employees working a minimum of 100 hours per month, making less than $50,000 a year would qualify for the temporary increase. The bonus would be scaled down for essential workers making above $50,000 but less than $90,000.

Romney’s proposed bill follows multiple other proposals for hazard pay. Lawmakers in the Senate previously proposed to offer essential workers up to $25,000 in hazard pay.


  1. So restaurant workers don’t deserve to be considered since we’ve had to deliver directly to people’s homes during all this. Some essential workers deserve it while other don’t hmmmm ok.

  2. WOW, it appears RINO Romney is trying to get back in the good graces of the American public.

  3. I am confused.

    Unless the bill is retro-active, it is a little late considering the country is starting to re-open. Making it a mandatory increase once the NEXT pandemic is declared would make sense, too.

  4. Translation: The RINO is pandering for political support and votes with offers of money otherwise known as bribes.

    1. I am confused, Confused James The Protectionist.

      What have you got against compensating front-line works for the dangers forced upon them? How many have already died just doing their jobs? How many were forced to pay extra costs by being forced to work? And YOU want to deny them being compensated? No wonder you like King Donald The Loser.

      1. WHAT? Are they doing a JOB they’re not being paid to do? Will this same “compensation”be paid to the military men and women who risk their lives day in and day out for YEARS (

        1. . . . . (NOT just a couple months)? Or are the members of the military expendable and easily replaced – like diapers? But, how would you know anything about the military except what you’re told? #Idiot.

        2. Confused James The Protectionist is confused by his own president’s administration. Don’t be like Confused James The Protectionist.

          Confused James The Protectionist does not realize that, as of 2018 (who was president then?), a military member assigned to or deployed to a combat zone receives bonus combat pay (officially called “hostile fire” or “imminent danger pay”), at a rate of $225 per month. It is in addition to their regular pay rate.

          Being assigned to or working in a combat zone also triggers a tax advantage in some locations. Congress and/or the president can designate combat zones as “Tax Exempt” areas.

    2. Imagine that. ONE R wants the political support of labor, several want corporate support, some want the Neo-Nazis and White supremacists, some want the support of those who wish to return the country to UNSAFE abortion procedures, and some want the support of those who wish to reduce the number of insured Americans. An R pandering to labor would make Romney a RINO.

      1. An “R”. You must be a total idiot if that’s what you think he is.

        1. Romney is definitely NOT a member of the Trump Cult, but that is not what I said.—If you look at the Republican Senate caucus, Romney is counted as a REPUBLICAN. If you wish the count to be 48-52, you can always ask him to change his party affiliation or simply caucus with the D’s. Until then, Romney is a Republican. Perhaps your confusion arises from Trump having asked R’s to kick him out of the party, but that did not occur. McConnel is wanting to increase, not decrease his caucus.

      2. Once again you hear from confuction and syphilis the actual projectionists. They are trying their very best to put on Republicans what they actually are. They are communists who say they care about people (which they don’t). The only thing they care about is power. People to them are only a means to get that power. Just look at their history where the black people are concerned. They have used them only to make you think they care but what have they done for them…….NOTHING except to put them back under their control. The party of confuction and syphilis is the party of slavery, jim crow laws and Margaret sanger (planned parenthood and eradicate the black race because they are not human). If you EVER hear anyone like these two say they care, be prepared to have a revolution. They are coming for your rights.

        1. What’s the difference between a “revolution” and a “civil war”? Lock and load. We haven’t yet begun to fight to defend our Nation from the Leftist Fascist scum.

        2. Ha ha ha ha! The only “right” of yours that I am gunning for is your right to be stupid. I will fight that tooth and nail.

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