Romney Weighs in on Trump’s Chances of Winning the 2020 Election

Current state and national polls appear to show that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is headed for a victory in the November general election. 

But, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) is not ready to count President Donald Trump out. Speaking to reporters on Monday, he said he believes the president has “excellent prospects” of winning re-election.

Last week, he said he thought Trump had about a 40% chance of winning the election. 

Romney, who has been a critic of Trump, said that he “did not vote for President Trump.” However, he did not reveal who he voted for.

And on Monday, he told reporters that he “probably won’t” share who he cast his vote for either.

In June, Romney said, “I’m confident that we will keep the majority in the Senate.”

He added, “And I actually, have long predicted the president will be reelected — I continue to think that’s the case.”

While Romney said he believes the president has a good chance of winning another four years, polls show that Biden has maintained a lead over the president. 

An average of polls by RealClearPolitics shows that Biden has a 7.9 point lead over Trump. Additionally, FiveThirtyEight’s election model gives Trump a 13% of winning the election.

Still, during a phone call with campaign staff, Trump predicted, “Let me give you the real truth, and they know on this, too, by the way: We’re going to win. I wouldn’t have told you that maybe two or three weeks ago.”

“I’m more excited today than I was two weeks ago. Two weeks ago, I was in the hospital and people were shocked that I came out so fast and so healthy,” he added.


  1. “[Romney] believes the president has “excellent prospects” of winning re-election.” Article

    Well, here we have ANOTHER person, along side of Lying Paul The Emeffer, who can’t do basic math.

    “An NPR/Marist University poll released Thursday found Biden ahead of Trump 54%-43% among likely voters. Only 2% say they are unsure whom they will vote for, and 1% say they back a third-party candidate. Only 5% of voters say they could be persuaded to change their opinions.” USA Today

    538 says that a whole bunch of polls add up to Joke Biden having nearly a ten point lead over King Donald The Loser. Ten points!

    Given that the NPR/Marist University gives a tiny margin to undecideds, or at most 5% as persuadables (don’t forget that tens of millions have ALREADY voted, too), WHERE are these magical, fantasy votes going to come from IN ONE WEEK to not only get close to Biden but to EXCEED his count? WHERE?

    Lying Paul The Emeffer is CERTAIN that King Donald The Loser has some sort of magic wand that will let him win, but he REFUSES to back up his big mouth and explain this. Why would he embarrass himself like that?

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