Rubio Tells Ocasio-Cortez: ‘Tweet Less’ and ‘One Day You Too Can Make a Difference’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) are trading jabs on Twitter after he advised her to spend less time on the social media platform.

The exchange began after Ocasio-Cortez tweeted, “Black-owned small businesses were widely shut out from accessing PPP loans, yet right-wing disinfo org PV took half a million in public money while decrying direct federal assistance as ‘radical socialism.’ Republicanism in a nutshell. (Also they’re based in Mamaroneck?!)”

Rubio fired back, “Working together R’s and D’s helped save the jobs of 55 million Americans through PPP Work more, tweet less and one day you too can make a difference.”

Ocasio-Cortez mentioned her efforts to help kids who are remote learning and challenged Rubio to explain what he has been doing to help.

“Yesterday I recruited 5,000 volunteers to train and tutor kids in my community who are struggling with remote learning, and that was after investigating the Treasury Secretary’s rationale for stopping CARES Act funding and voting on House legislation. What did you do?” Ocasio-Cortez wrote.

She went on to criticize Republican senators for failing to understand hard work.

“The thing that these conservative Senators don’t seem to understand is that I’ve actually had a physically difficult working-class job without good healthcare most of my adult life. I bring that work ethic to Congress and to my community. They sit around on leather chairs all day,” she said.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) also criticized Ocasio-Cortez for tweeting too much, as IJR previously reported.

She took to Twitter to share a photo of herself staring him down at President Donald Trump’s second State of the Union after he expressed his opposition to defunding the police.

“I don’t know the young lady — I really don’t. I never met her. I’m understanding she’s not that active with her bills or in committee. She’s more active on Twitter than anything else,” Manchin said.


  1. So, you are saying that Munchkin is so disinterested in someone in his own party that, after two years, he STILL couldn’t / shouldn’t be bothered to even say “hello”? I am sure he was so very busy meeting with lobbyists that he couldn’t manage that – in two years. That must be it.

    O.K., if you say so. Personally, if I were him, I would try to learn something from her. Know thy enemy, keep your enemies closer, and all of that rot. I am not like Cult-45 in any way.

  2. “She is a very prominent member of your own party and that is the best that you can do, Joe Munchkin” (General)
    Now seriously, General. You sound more like a Trumper everyday.
    Joe Manchin is the only D in Congress representing WV. It would make sense that Sen Manchin would know the 3 R U.S. House members from West Virginia and the R Senator. If you have ever been to West Virginia, you would know there is little similarity between WV and NYC.

  3. “I don’t know the young lady — I really don’t. I never met her.” Joe Munchkin

    She is a very prominent member of your own party and that is the best that you can do, Joe Munchkin?

  4. What Alexandria accomplished in her very first term in Congress:

    Raised $1.25 million for frontline charities and organizations working on COVID relief in our district. She recently raised over $200,000 for food charities and eviction protections.

    Launched a $1 million census awareness campaign to help register as many people as possible, bringing back up to $58 million to her district.

    Helped deliver 80,000 meals to families in need in the district.

    Raised $568,000 for grassroots organizations on the ground in Georgia who are working to take the Senate majority back from Republicans next month.

    Raised more than $1.5 million for progressive candidates and swing-district House Democrats.

    Introduced more amendments than 90% of other freshman lawmakers.

    Crafted the Green New Deal with Senator Ed Markey, the gold standard for climate action.

    Worked with the Unity Task Force to secure progressive environmental policies in the Democratic Party Platform.

    Opened over 1000 cases to serve NY-14 constituents with issues like veterans benefits, Social Security, immigration visas and more.

    Held monthly town halls to update constituents on her legislative agenda and community work, and take questions.

    Executed tough, thorough lines of questioning in committee hearings, revealing valuable information that has been used in investigations against King Donald The Loser’s administration and pressuring Big Pharma execs to make drugs more affordable.

    Fended off over $12M dollars in attack ads, mailers, and more to win nearly 72% of our district’s vote in 2020.

    The list could go on and on. And that’s just a snapshot of her first term! What did YOU do in all of your years in DC, Marco Rubio?

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