Russian Warship Docks a Stone's Throw from US Mainland Shores


A Russian warship arrived in Havana on Tuesday for the first official visit by a Russian naval vessel to Cuba in years.

According to CNN, which cited Cuba’s state-run news service, the Russian sailors will “carry out a wide range of activities,” and members of the public will be able to tour the ship, the Perekop, during its four-day visit.

The visit signifies the strengthening relationship between the two Cold War allies, CNN noted. It also allows Russia to project power close to American shores.

CNN reported that Cuba has increasingly defended Moscow, criticizing NATO’s expansion toward Russian borders and opposing U.S. economic sanctions against the country.

Since the beginning of its war with Ukraine, Russia has also been providing Cuba with significant amounts of oil. According to one estimate, Russia has delivered about $167 million worth of fuel to the island nation in 2023 alone — “a crucial lifeline for cash-strapped Cuba,” as CNN reported.

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The historical significance of Cuba as a strategic outpost for Russia cannot be ignored.

During the Cold War, the alliance allowed the Soviet Union to station missiles within striking distance of the U.S. mainland. The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 stands as a stark reminder of the tensions that once gripped the world.

Now, three decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Moscow is once again casting its gaze toward Cuba. A presence in the Caribbean offers clear advantages just 100 miles from U.S. shores.

The Perekop’s visit is a tangible sign of that renewed interest.

Meanwhile, China is making moves in Cuba, South America and the Pacific. With its military and economic clout, Beijing is making inroads and building alliances, challenging U.S. dominance.

As these major global developments shift the balance of power, the perceived weakness of President Joe Biden is deeply concerning. There is little doubt that adversarial countries have viewed his time in the White House as an opportunity.

While world leaders are playing chess, the Biden administration seems to be playing checkers without a comprehensive strategy to counter growing threats.

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