Sanders on Continuing His Campaign: 'We Are Assessing the Situation'


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) does not seem so sure of his campaign as he faces the challenge of catching up to former Vice President Joe Biden (D).

Sanders participated in an interview on NPR’s “Morning Edition” with Noel King to discuss the coronavirus, state of the economy and the status of his campaign.

During the conversation, King asked Sanders is he was continuing with his campaign.

“We are assessing the situation we’re in,” Sanders said.

He discussed the challenges the campaign is facing amid the crisis as primaries are being delayed, not being able to hold as many rallies, and virtual campaigns not allowing for in-person connections with constituents. Sanders emphasized his focus on the current crisis.

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King pressed Sanders on what he meant by saying he is assessing his campaign.

“We have some folks out there in our campaign … who say, ‘Bernie, you should go on and keep the fight going for the ideas that we believe in,'” Sanders said.

Listen to Sanders’ interview below:

King also asked Sanders during the interview about the coronavirus relief package that recently passed in the Senate and if Congress and the government would be more open to his proposed programs.

“The answer is yes, I think there is growing sentiment in this country that people now understand that it is incomprehensible that we remain the only major country on earth not to guarantee health care to all,” Sanders said.

He went on to point out that the coronavirus crisis is leading people to consider the role of government in their lives. He also voiced his frustration surrounding the amount spent on health care and how hospitals are still facing shortages of resources to fight the coronavirus.

King proceeded to reference the unemployment benefits included in the package and how 3.3 million people filed for unemployment last week. She asked Sanders how long he suspects it will take to recover from this and what will be needed to recover.

“I have very little doubt that there will be another massive stimulus package within the next month,” Sanders said, adding, “I think given the nature of this crisis, what Congress did yesterday is a step forward. I would’ve gone a lot further.”

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Sanders has spoken on his stance of the bill on Twitter:

The NPR conversation closed with Sanders acknowledging the concern Americans have with the coronavirus but also hoping the election will focus on broadening the topic to other issues.

Biden leads Sanders in the delegate count and in the number of endorsements from former presidential hopefuls.

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