Bernie Sanders Insists There Will Be a ‘Serious Debate’ The Day After Biden is Elected

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) reiterated his commitment to supporting and electing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden but also insisted they must have a “serious debate” about the country’s new direction.

During an appearance on “The Daily Show” with host Trevor Noah, Sanders declared that the Democratic Party would unify for a Biden victory against Trump. However, he also stressed the importance of the country’s future being built on “the framework of a Democratic society.”

“We’re going to come together to defeat Trump,” Sanders said on Thursday. “And the day after Biden is elected, we’re going to have a serious debate about the future of this country, but it will be done within the framework of a democratic society.”

Sanders’ latest remarks come amid his push for the presence and influence of more progressive lawmakers and policies within the Democratic Party.

Shortly after Sanders suspended his presidential campaign, he rallied behind Biden and the two vowed to work together to reach the common Democratic goal of voting President Donald Trump out of the White House.

See Sanders’ remarks below:

At the time, Biden and Sanders released a statement unveiling their “Unity Task Force” to “’explore possible policy initiatives’ in six key policy areas:  “climate change, criminal justice reform, economy, education, health care, and immigration,” as previously reported on IJR.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry (D), Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.),  Rep. Karen Bass (D-Calif.), Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), and former U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy were among the politicians named as participants in the initiative.

During the discussion with Noah, Sanders detailed how they are all uniting to achieve what he describes as “coalition politics.”

“What you’re seeing now is what I would call a united front of people of many different points of view,” Sanders told Noah. “You have some honest conservatives who are saying ‘you know what, I’m a conservative, but we gotta get rid of this guy because he is just not what America is supposed to be about.’ And you’re working with progressives. So this is what coalition politics is about.”


  1. Also, with as much corruption as there is in the DNC / DNCC and the party leadership, it will take time to weed it all out. For example, Jessica Cisneros will likely win against one of the worst Democrats in 2022, if she runs again. Take out the trash, eliminate some of the corruption and start working on good policies again that attract young, disillusioned voters and then we can get somewhere. Old Joke not promising change just doesn’t cut it for them.

  2. “Perhaps the take over of the Democrat party takes place in the future. Whenever it occurs, it occurs without moderate D’s as you will have replaced them.” Phyllis

    Apparently, this is how it will work. With Bernie, it would have happened sooner. We “need” sooner. The more resistance from conservative liberals, such as yourself, the longer it will take.

  3. General, 35 Senate seats are up for election in 2020.—WITH, or WITHOUT Bernie, WHICH of the 23 seats R’s are defending, swing from Republican to Far-left? Mitch McConnell, Tom Cotton, Cindy Hyde-Smith, Martha McSally, Ben Sasse, John Cornyn, David Perdue, Kelly Loeffler, Joni Ernst, Jim Risch, Lindsey Graham, Tom Tillis, Shelly Moore Caputo, Cory Gardner, Susan Collins, Mike Rounds, Mike Enzi, Jim Inofe, Bill Cassidy, or Steve Dains.
    Sorry, not seeing it happen WITH or without Bernie. Perhaps the take over of the Democrat party takes place in the future. Whenever it occurs, it occurs without moderate D’s as you will have replaced them. R’s may have willingly ceded control of their party, first with the Tea Party, and in 2016 to Trumpism, but I do not see D’s being that gullible.

  4. “Printing money does what to the dollar[?]” Steve

    Normally, printing money causes mayhem with inflation. Do you KNOW how much inflation we have right now? Do you KNOW what banks pay for deposits today? Have you mortgaged a house lately? Where is the inflation and dropping dollar, Steve?Maybe King Donald The Loser is confused when he talks about NEGATIVE interest rates.

    This administration has pumped trillions into the hands of big international corporations, to prop up their stocks, and into the hands of their rich buddies, I mean donors, I mean bribers. Mnuchin is the WORST! Talk about socialism for the rich! There it is, Steve! Right before your eyes.

  5. Phyllis: without Bernie as president, it will be a few more years before there will be enough votes for good policies to get passed that we desperately need. However, there WILL be more progressives to add to the plus side, after this November. Not enough, though, but definitely more.

    I REALLY hope for some fireworks, such as not nominating Pelosi as House Leader again. I actually heard a rumor, yesterday, that Pelosi won’t try to be House leader again, next January, but I haven’t confirmed that claim yet. THAT would be interesting, but it still won’t be enough.

    We MUST elect better politicians.

  6. “Obama really wasn’t that radical, but these people behind Biden surely are.” Steve

    Really? That is impossible, Steve. Impossible. Why?

    First of all, Joke Biden is very conservative. He is backed and guided by a VERY conservative DNC and Democratic Party leadership, so I am confused as to just WHO you think these “radicals” are. Are you thinking of AOC and the rest of the “Squad”? That’s really funny, Steve, because the last AOC had anything to say about things, she said that she has never spoken with Joke Biden. That’s a really strange way to make a conspiracy, to be affected by all of those “radicals”, don’t you think? On the OTHER hand, Joke Biden has made it CLEAR that he will refuse to sign M4A into law, if Nancy Pelosi ever has a momentary lapse in reason and decides to actually deal with good policy, for a change. This is why it was imperative to nominate Bernie Sanders. Everyone else is corrupt and compromized.

    Now, MAYBE you are thinking of all of those OTHER “radicals”. Maybe THAT’s it. Um, who are THEY, Steve? I am confused.

  7. Some people will scream that Bernie is a millionaire and has 3 houses, how can he complain about the rich? Fist off, his houses are not mansions. His house in Vermont is worth $250k. His summer house around $500k. His DC residence $500k. So we are not talking spawling mansions. He is only worth 2 million. That is a far cry from 1000 million (billionaires) or more like all the cronies Trump has appointed have! So WTFU!!! Don’t you think that folks making over 100 million, let alone 1000 million, should pay more taxes or at least the same as the average Joe which they are not???

  8. Obozo still is taking credit for everything positive tears later. Of course any negitives are never his fault. Guess his first few years was Bush’s successes.

    Is he taking credit for all those failed Democatic

  9. WHEN Bernie comes up with the votes for passage of his fantasy policies, the debate would have substance. Until then, it is as much of a fantasy as “Mexico will pay for the wall” and Trump is going “to pay off the national debt in 8 yrs.”
    Can anyone, including Bernie, NAME the 51/60 Senate votes for M4A or the GND? M4A has 13 and when McConnell put GND on the floor, it had zero votes. Reality check.

  10. Bernie has it wrong, there will be a serious (but comical) debate on Sept 29 when Trump disembowels and quarters Biden on stage.

  11. Lol. Frank? You are lost. Do you do you think increasing regulation, cost of labor, taxes, welfare problems, the size of government is going to help our cause? Really? Printing money does what to the dollar? You don’t follow stocks do you? What makes them go up or down…I don’t know where you get your information from. Obama is the really wasn’t that radical, but these people behind Biden surely are. You really have a rude awakening coming.

  12. Obama/Biden took this country from the great recession to six straight years of record employment and record stock market gains while saving hundreds of thousands of jobs in the auto industry and the economy it’s self from going bankrupt. Considering that the first year of any presidency is still run on the previous administration’s budget and it takes about a year for a new president’s policies to affect the economy, one could also say Obama/Biden had seven straight years of record employment and record stock market gains. So, of the over nine straight years of a booming economy Trump’s policies are only responsible for the last two and a half. Many Trump supporters believe Trump “fixed” the economy and is the reason for the booming economy but he actually inherited it. Most jobs created? Obama/Biden win that one too. So, tell me again how Biden is going to ruin the economy this time when he already has such a positive track record on the economy.

  13. I am confused, Keith.

    In what way is Joke Biden going to “ruin this country”, as you say?

    The last that he said, to his very rich donors, is that he will make NO major changes, so how is he going to ruin this country by not changing anything?

    YOU made that claim, Keith, so be specific.

  14. There will be no “Debates” or more commie “discussions” as Biden will not be elected. as the Thunderball theme goes “He acts while other men just talk” – Trump that is. MAGA2020

  15. Keep dreaming idiot!!! Tjise no way the majority of people in this country are going to support your asinine ideas. You’re not going to ruin this country!!!

  16. The day after his Biden’s election? You’re assuming Biden will still be breathing the day after he debates Trump.

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