Sanders: Trump Is ‘Sabotaging Our Democracy’ With Efforts to ‘Kill Mail-In Balloting’

President Donald Trump is receiving harsh criticism from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) over his recent remarks about mail-in voting and the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Chuck Todd, the host of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” noted on Sunday the Postal Service is telling states they are unable to handle the “increased capacity” of mail-in voting. He also referenced reports of the removal of sorting machines and overtime.

He asked Sanders if these are examples of reform of the agency or sabotage.

“Look, I happen to think, as you know, Trump is a pathological liar. He lies all of the time. But, I gotta say, I gotta admit, the other day he was very honest,” Sanders said.

He added, “He said, ‘Look, we want to kill mail-in balloting. We don’t want millions and millions of people to be able to cast their ballots through the mail. So we’ll destroy the Postal Service, we’ll defund it. They can’t vote.'”

Watch his comments below:

Sanders argued Trump believes a lower voter turnout will help him win the election.

He claimed Trump is deliberately trying to keep Americans from voting.

“This campaign is more than healthcare, it’s more than education, it’s more than the postal service, it’s Democracy and he is sabotaging our Democracy,” Sanders said.

Sanders echoed the same comments he made during an appearance on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” Thursday, as IJR previously reported.

He claimed Trump “may be crazy, but he’s not stupid” because he recognizes he is behind in the polls and the only way he can climb back up is if he suppresses the vote.

Trump said during an appearance on Fox Business on Thursday if the postal service does not receive adequate funding, Democrats “can’t” have mail-in voting, as IJR previously reported.

The National Association of Letter Carriers, consisting of 300,000 members said on Friday the union’s executive council endorsed Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden because the “very survival” of the postal service is at stake.


  1. Delbert
    Do you know how to google?
    This is but one case. An actual postal worker was also caught. Go away. Give it a try.

    Four New Jersey residents, including one city council member and one city councilmen-elect in Patterson, N.J., were charged last month in what state officials was a mail-in ballot fraud scheme. The four were charged with multiple crimes including voting fraud, tampering with public records and unauthorized possession of multiple vote-by-mail ballots.

  2. Delbert
    Sorry. Incorrect. The books that record signatures are at the polls. Where the voter signs and the signatures are compared. The mail in ballots go directly to the BOE. How many people do you think it would take to confirm them? If they had them. Then I stopped reading because….well I just wasn’t interested.
    And then I didn’t read the rest of your

  3. “We’re not a democracy, we’re a republic.” OBSIDIAN

    We are ALSO a democracy, no matter how often you try to deny it. It’s as is you are actually trying to say that YOU don’t believe in democracy, that you don’t want democracy in America.

    I am confused, OBSIDIAN. Why is that?

  4. There are ways to authenticate a mailed-in ballot. The signature, primarily. And, few people are willing to risk federal prison for the sake of forging a ballot. It has made for a very low rate of prosecutions for fraud in the whole history of absentee voting. The Heritage Foundation has documented 1290 cases in the last 30 years, which include fraudulent registrations, or a public official declaring his home in a district where his does not live. Only 143 cases involved fraudulent submission of a mailed ballot, a 0.00006% rate.

  5. Diane: welcome to the hell that is the righ-wing mindset. Evidence be damned!

    “Facts? FACTS? We don’t need no stinkin’ facts.” All right-wingers

  6. Not so incidentally, some comments here, particularly about Sen. Sanders, are indicative of a population that is grievously under-informed and misinformed. On a most basic point, by what logic would anyone conclude that Sanders is (or ever was) a communist? Communist? Seriously? I’m not aware of anything Sanders has ever said throughout his many years as a political activist, then politician, that indicated support for communism.

  7. What we lack today is anything resembling a representative form of government. On national elections, we know that only D or R will win, giving us a choice between two right wing parties with essentially the same agenda. The rich will have full representation, the middle class will have some, and the poor will have no representation whatsoeverer.

  8. We’re not a democracy, we’re a republic. You cannot destroy something that doesn’t exist. Go to the polls and vote like we’ve done for 244 years.

  9. Bernie (communist) Sanders. No one cares about your opinion. No one was going to vote for you, you dropped out, so shut up. Mail in voting should be for our overseas military like it was set up for. Get Americans off their lazy asses and walk to the local polling place and vote. If you can keep Walmat and the rest open, you can do voting with a mask and 6-feet apart.

  10. Well see Stalin wannabe to begin with this is Not a Democracy! Never Was! We are a Constitutional representative Republic. Secondly preventing last minute mail in snafus and fraud does not prevent voting the good old fashioned way. Anyone that is too afraid or too lazy to do so….TOUGH, SUCKER!

  11. Democrats are excellent at cheating and lying. Bernie won’t even admit he was ridden dry by the DNC. All his supporters are either staying home or voting for Trump. Nothing they want is being offered by Biden.

  12. The only thing President Trump is doing is sabotaging the Democrats’ efforts to steal the election.

  13. Margaret, Go the HELL AWAY. This is not the site to post your Scheme. NOBODY GIVES A SHIT WHAT YOU ARE MAKING.

  14. Sean, You said what I have been thinking, much better than I could have said it. Thank You!

  15. The Democrats are trying to Sabotage Democracy by Instituting Mail-in Balloting. No chain of custody and no garranteed delivery of the mailed in vote in time for counting. They say that there isn’t enough proof that massive fraud is occurring. That is like saying that only people who were caught Illegally entering the country, were the only people who illegally entered the country. Or, that only the people who were caught cheating on their taxes, were the only people that cheated on their taxes. Do you get my drift?

  16. “The Democrats are sabotaging out Democracy with efforts to promote mail-in balloting”. There, i fixed that quote for you Bernie.
    When it is blatantly obvious that the voter registration roles are replete with names of millions people who have died or people who have moved out of one state to another, and the Democrat Party still wants to send out paper ballots by using those same voter registration roles, it should be obvious to anyone with a brain cell in their head, that the reason is so they can cheat. We already have a system in every state by which you may request a ballot to vote if you are uncomfortable going to the polls called an absentee ballot. So why the sudden push to change the rules of the game at the last minute? If you’re too afraid to stand in line with your mask on at the polls then request an absentee ballot as has been the way to vote by mail for decades. Judicial Watch has filed several suits this year against states because the voter registration roles are replete with dead people and people who have moved. One county in California has more people registered to vote than it has actual people in that county. What could possibly go wrong sending out millions upon millions of ballots that no one can confirm is valid? I can’t imagine.

  17. Oh no!!! Old Bernie has harsh criticism for President Trump. Who cares! Why he continues to agree with the Democrats is funny. Since they screwed him over TWICE!! It is amazing how little the general public knows about the voting process. Until now, of course. Now everyone’s an expert. Considering many still believe absentee ballots and mail-in ballots are the same. Absentees have existed since the Civil War to accommodate the army. Mail ins are the Democrats answer to another attempt to screw with the results. The USPS can not deal with the onslaught of mail this will create. The primary here in PA was bad enough.

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